Urban Vegan Kitchen NYC – A Hip Restaurant in the West Village

Urban Vegan Kitchen NYC is a relatively new spot in the West Village. Plant-based diets is accompanied by this stereotype of not being flavorful enough or being just plain boring. This restaurant located on Carmine St. will certainly make the doubters change their views. Its menu is diverse and as more people are becoming more health conscious, they’re naturally going to seek for more options and alternative foods.

The Atmosphere at Urban Vegan Kitchen NYC

We’re going to be upfront. It’s a pretty hip place. It’s cool, there’s a lot of colors going on and definitely has a maximalist vibe. Music seems to be the main theme and you’ll notice it right away when you walk into the restaurant. There are pictures on the wall to the left of famous artists and there’s a bar as well to the right. At night the restaurant holds different events such as listening sessions or seminars.

Our Meal at Urban Vegan Kitchen NYC

We mentioned that the menu was pretty diverse. For our meal we had their UVK Quarter Pounder. This is their play on the classic quarter pounder burger but is obviously vegan friendly. The patty was made out of roasted mushroom and barley and is served with crispy shallot rings, homemade special sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles and a potato bun. If you want bacon, then you can request shiitake (mushroom) bacon for an extra cost. On the side, we tried their mac and cheese which was amazing. The cheese is made out of cashews and we couldn’t tell the difference from your traditional cheese.

We also tried their Urban Macro Bowl. This is perfect for you fitness fanatics (gotta have your macros). This bowl is served with garlic mustard marinated tempeh, sautéed kale, quinoa, arugula, roasted carrots, and a creamy cashew beet dressing which is gluten free.

Because they offer a brunch menu, we obviously had to try the french toast. Even this felt clean. It was prepared in a maple batter, and garnished with powdered sugar and fresh fruits.

To end it all, we had their Brownie All The Way. It’s served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, butterscotch sauce and coconut whipped cream.

Overall, the food was amazing, the vibe was very cool and relaxed. To learn more about the restaurant, please visit their website here.


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