The Vendy Awards at Governors Island

The Final Vendy Awards Ever!

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New York City is known for many things such as its tall skyscrapers, the vibrant energy, and its famous yellow cabs. But, what people usually forget about, is the food culture in this beautiful city. This metropolis is super diverse and has many different cultures in one area that obviously influences the culinary scene as well.

With that being said, NYC is filled with many restaurants as well as food trucks and street vendors. The last two are what makes NYC so special that there’s even an event that hands out awards to the best vendors. The event is called the Vendy Awards and is held at the popular Governors Island.

The Final Vendy Awards

The Vendy Awards are held in Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles. On September 21, 2019, the awards made its way to NYC. This will be the final Vendy Awards ever in NYC. Since 2005, the event has been bringing in the best street vendors NYC has to offer to Governors Island.

The area is a great place to go biking, relax and enjoy the great views of Lower Manhattan. But, once a year, there’s the Vendy Awards at Governors Island. This event rates the best food trucks and street vendors and people are welcome to attend. Ticket prices vary, but basically, once you’re in you can eat as much as you’d like. Vendors come from all over the NYC boroughs. Contestants battle it out to claim the Vendy Cup and even compete for certain categories such as The Best Freshman, The Best Market and more.

We were there this past weekend to check out some of the action. This year’s contestants included Harlem Seafood Soul, Anton’s Dumplings, The Arepa Lady and many more classic vendors.

For more information on this event, please visit their website here. If you want to get a taste (pun intended) of some of the street food action, find out in this article who our favorite street vendors are in the NYC area.

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