Shake Shack New York – The best burger in town

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The best burger in New York? Everyone seems to have an opinion on that. But to us, there is a clear answer to that question: Shake Shack New York. Yes, New York is filled with good burger places. And still, Shake Shack manages to stands out. The well-known restaurant franchise just keeps growing – for good reason. 

Shake Shack New York: Our favorite Burger in NYC

Now, before you venture out to your nearest Shake Shack – starving, yet full of anticipation, –  you have to know one thing: Shake Shacks throughout NYC are usually pretty busy and the lines can get rather long during peak times. With that being said, it’s definitely still worth the wait, trust us.  One of New York’s most popular Shake Shacks is located at Madison Square Park in the Flatiron District. Specially during summer at lunchtime, this super popular Shake Shack attracts countless hungry burger-aficianados.

All sitting areas are actually outside, so make sure not to come on a rainy day. Well, unless you really don’t want to stand in any line and just want to pick up your food and leave. But what you would miss out on is enjoying the best burger in NYC with a beautiful backdrop. The surrounding area is quite something and definitely part of the whole experience. Having the best burger the city has to offer right in the middle of this beautiful park just makes it tastes even better.

Not all Shake Shacks are cut from the same cloth. You want to avoid Shake Shack New York near Times Square on 8th Avenue. It’s way too busy anyway. For a cool alternative, check out the Shake Shack in Grand Central, or even the Shake Shack in DUMBO, Brooklyn. In DUMBO, you get to enjoy your burger with a stunning view of Brooklyn Bridge Park as well as the Manhattan Skyline, and both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge.

As luck would have it, there are many Shake Shacks in New York, and many of them are far from overrun. We highly recommend the ones at Brookfield Place near the Conrad Hotel and the one across from the Barclays Center on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

What makes Shake Shack New York Burgers so special?

The burger patties are always juicy and perfectly cooked. But the secret is in the sauce. It’s really the sauce that makes the burgers stand out. Another thing that surprised us are the prices, which are still pretty reasonable. They could definitely charge more if they wanted to, people would still pay it, the burgers are that good and legendary. My advice: definitely have a Shake Shack New York’s milkshake and fries with your burger. It just elevates it to another level, you will know what I mean. We are die-hard Shake Shack fans and will always prefer a Shake Shack burger in New York to any other food option in the city. You can actually believe this hype for once.

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