Your Guide to Open House New York

Come check out 250 normally off-limits NYC sites

During Open House New York you are invited to get a glimpse of over 250 New York City sites, that are normally not accessible for the public. Every year in October curious people like us are able to walk through open doors of rarely seen spaces. This event is for everyone interested in architecture and the history of the city of New York. 

During this weekend-long event, New York City wants you to come and see hundreds of spaces that range from historic buildings, architectural masterpieces, landmarks to boardrooms and lighthouses, castles and monuments.

What is Open House New York?

Open House New York is a unique event that lets you explore parts of the city that you normally wouldn’t be able to see. Some tours (Woolworth Building and the United Nations Headquarters for example) require reservations, most places visitors will be able to freely tour. It’s also a completely free event. The full list of tours that require reservations is here.

To plan out your visit at one of the sites that are open during Open House New York check out the OHNY’s website.

Since the event is so special and it only happens once a year both residents and tourists are super excited to experience the rich architectural history and unique urban design in New York City during the Open House Event.

When is Open House New York?

Open House New York is an annual event. This year Open House New York is happening from October 16—18, 2020.

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