The Nutella Cafe in NYC

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If you’re fans of the famous hazelnut spread, Nutella, we have some wonderful news for you!  Back in 2018, the long-awaited Nutella Cafe in NYC finally opened right on Union Square. So far, the only one that we knew of was the the Nutella Bar from Eataly in the Flatiron District. This has closed down. We’re assuming it’s because they decided to make a stand-alone cafe.

UPDATE 2022: Unfortunately the Nutella Cafe is closed!

What’s So Special About the Nutella Cafe NYC?

The Ferrero Company has completely withdrawn from its Eataly location so it could open its own large and truly impressive Nutella Cafe. It’s located right on Union Square. Loyal Nutella fans will be offered crepes (of course with Nutella), frozen pops (made from Nutella), creme brulées (with nutella), nutella baguettes, nutella ice cream and chia pudding with nutella.

You’ll pretty much love everything here if you like the awesome hazelnut spread. On top of its remarkable menu, theres also a gift shop located on the corner of the cafe with plenty of souvenirs for purchase. So, if you’re in town make sure to check out the Nutella Cafe in New York and we promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Why you should try out everything on the Nutella Cafe Menu

We went during the weekday around 11AM and it was not busy. We have seen long lines during the weekend when it first opened up, so we can say with confidence that weekends are probably really busy. If you want to avoid long lines we suggest doing during the week day while mostly everyone is at work 9-5. Naturally, warmer weather will bring out more people.

When we stopped by, we tried out their crepes which was filled with quinoa, bananas, strawberries and nutella. We also had their overnight oats and their hot chocolate which was really good. All in all we found the Nutella Cafe very satisfying. Lots of space for seating and a lot of tables. The set up was really nice. For more information, please visit their website here.

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