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10. December 2019
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European football is slowly but surely gaining popularity in the US and has secured its place as the fifth most popular sport in America. Fans of the sport have been able to see soccer matches in New York for some time now thanks to the Red Bulls. Since March 2017 there is another soccer team in the Big Apple: the New York City Football Club (NYCFC) is now a franchise of Major League Soccer (MLS).


NYCFC tickets


New York City FC Schedule

The current New York City FC schedule will be available at the end of the year and shows all matches. There will be a rivalry match with the Red Bulls New York – that promises to be a riot!

New York City FC Tickets & Best Seats

New York City FC Tickets are relatively cheap: the lowest-price ticket is $25; the most expensive seats cost $250. Compared to the Red Bull soccer team, these prices are quite low, and this is because the team still needs to establish itself and build a fan base.

What is exciting – and you will see this when you take a look at the seating chart – is the configuration of the playing field. Because Yankee Stadium is not set up like a traditional soccer stadium that we know from Europe. The best seats are found in category 1, and some in category 2. Ticket costs are $65 and $55, respectively – which for soccer in New York is reasonable.

NYC FC Stadium Soccer Tickets


About Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium

As mentioned previously, the New York Yankees are a minority owner of New York City FC – that is why the matches are played in Yankee Stadium. And that ‘s a good thing because Yankee Stadium is well connected to all major transportation options.

How to get there: how to best get to NYCFC matches

Getting to the matches is really easy: the subway lines logo subway line 4 and logo subway line D stop directly at the stadium – the subway station is called 161 St., Yankee Stadium. Weekdays the logo subway line B train will get you there as well. It takes less than 30 minutes to get from midtown to your destination!

yankees stadium marked on a subway map

When should you arrive at the stadium?

As with other soccer games, to me, seeing the team enter the stadium and warming up is part of the attraction of going to a match. It never ceases to amaze me what the players can do with a ball. If you feel the same, you should arrive at Yankee Stadium approx. 1 hour before kickoff. Another reason to get there early is the stadium itself – if you have enough time, you can take a look at the other levels. It is pretty impressive.

More about NYC FC

Soccer in New York: can you believe it! NYCFC is now the second team from the metropolitan area of New York that is part of MLS. NYCFC will start their new season with several top-rated players from Europe. The transfer that initiated the most media attention was the move of former FC Barcelona forward David Villa. By the way, the New York Yankees are a minority owner of the New York FC. By naming Claudio Reyna as director of football operations, the team has a leader who is not only familiar with soccer in America, but also with the German, British, and Scottish leagues. He spent 12 years of his career in Europe prior to his participation on the US national team.

New York City FC History

The history of NYCFC is still quite short, as the team was not founded until 2013. The upcoming season will demonstrate how well the New York FC team plays, and what their role in the MLS will be.

Fans & Atmosphere

How loud the fans will be and what the overall atmosphere will feel like will be determined during the next season. But I bet it’s going to be really good. Because New Yorkers go crazy over sports! Furthermore, the US national team delivered a solid performance during the World Cup 2014 in Brazil and should be able to inspire more Americans to follow the sport of soccer. And a soccer field in Yankee Stadium looks pretty good, don’t you think?

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