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We have something brand new for you: our Loving New York Travel Guides are finally available in English! With more than 600 positive reviews on Amazon and more than 200 positive reviews in our store, our New York Travel Guide has set new standards in German-speaking countries. We’ve now updated each and every neighborhood guide, so you’ll be top-informed and top-prepared for your next NYC trip.

But that’s not all: we don’t just want to produce a personalized travel guide, we want to revolutionize the travel guide market! Our New York travel guide is linked to our website and (soon) to a free app like never before. This will allow you to read the guidebook on the go as you normally would, plus access all of our digital information. This way, the Loving New York travel guide always stays current and always evolving.

Looking for the best New York Travel Guide? We’ve got you covered!

You have the choice of two different travel guides: the blue New York travel guide focuses on the different boroughs of New York, from Manhattan to Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island are all represented.

The orange low budget travel guide shows you that New York is fun even without a big budget.

#1 New York: Discover New York City Like A Local

rp5tprt1Our best seller with 600+ reviews on Amazon

We have been on the road for you for several years and can therefore provide you with more authentic and honest insider tips than any other travel guide about New York. Through years of feedback, we know which topics really interest you when preparing for a trip to NYC. You’ll find all of this on over 300 beautifully designed pages.

For each neighborhood, you’ll get our personal tips on restaurants and cafés, bars and rooftop bars, hotels, shopping, and information on the nearest subway station!

In addition, you’ll find lots of tips on preparing for your trip and our popular best lists in the 10 most important categories. In short: everything you need for a sensational time in New York!

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#2 Our New York travel guide for budget travelers, families and students.

Loving New York Travel Guide Low BudgetNew York doesn’t have to be expensive! In this guide, we show you the best attractions, tours and events that you can visit for free or for little money. How to get around New York, where to stay and where to stay well. And we don’t want to deprive you of our absolute favorites in the area of food and drink.

What else is in our New York travel guide?

Shopping addresses that will make your heart beat faster, a special for families and students and many tricks for your travel planning! The Loving New York-Low Budget travel guide comes with a matching app: it instantly provides you with countless additional digital contents for the respective section. Travel planning has never been so exciting and at the same time so easy!

With our tips you can save $100 very easily!

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