Kaylee’s Creamery near Flatiron NYC

An Artisanal Ice Cream Shop

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There are numerous ice cream shops in NYC and one of the more unique ones we’ve visited was Kaylee’s Creamery near Flatiron NYC, more specifically in Kips Bay. Kaylee’s creates unique seasonal and classic flavors that surely satisfy many tastebuds.

Their ice cream and waffle cones are made fresh daily as well and they only use the highest quality natural ingredients. You can also put toppings on your ice cream such as fruity pebbles or you can drizzle chocolate sauce.

Kaylee’s Creamery, an Artisanal Ice Cream Shop

From the outside, Kaylee’s Creamery just looks like your regular ice cream shop, but that’s not the case. Every season, the three founders come up with unique seasonal flavors. Some of those flavors are “Netflix and Chili”, an earl grey tea-infused ice cream with subtle hints of Sriracha chili spice or “Orchard Road” which is a leafy pandan ice cream with coconut-ube swirl.

For those looking for the classic ice cream flavors, these are available as well. A few of the daily favorites include freshly ground pistachio, vanilla creme-filled Cookies and Cream, and a sweet and salty swirled Caramel ice cream. There’s no doubt Kaylee’s is innovative when it comes to its flavors. Everything is made in-house as well as their waffle cones.

The Name Behind Kaylee’s Creamery

The ice cream shop was founded by Kenneth Lee, Keene Wong, and Samuel Wong. They left their corporate jobs to start a business of their own that they truly love and care for.  It wasn’t until Kenneth’s first daughter, Kaylee came into this world that the idea was born. For more information about the shop please visit their website.

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