Hudson’s by World Yacht: Dinner Cruise

A great idea for a special evening in New York is a dinner cruise provided by Hudson’s by World Yacht. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, spending a night out with your best friend, or just for fun, a New York dinner cruise is highly recommended.

There are many suppliers and we’ve tried most of them. Hudson’s by World Yacht dinner cruise is one of our favorites alongside the Bateaux Dinner Cruise.

UPDATE 2022: The Hudson’s by World Yacht: Dinner Cruise isn’t available anymore. We highly recommend this dinner cruise instead 👇

Dinner Cruise Details

Dinner Cruise on a Yacht

We started out at Pier 81 in Midtown on a Sunday evening. It was a mixed crowd, but it mostly consisted of couples and smaller groups of girls. The yacht has three levels where you can relax. In good weather, the outdoor portion of the yacht is equipped with a bar and can be a lot of fun. If you want some music, the DJ plays on the lower level. Our evening was relatively quiet and there was no real party mood, which did not bother us. However, we have been told that on Saturday or Friday evenings, it can be more festive.

The Dinner Cruise starts at 6 PM. During this time, champagne is served and you have the opportunity to order more drinks at the bar. Our server was very courteous as he explained a lot about the four-course menu. From 7 PM the ship sets towards the direction of Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. During the duration of the trip, you can be both inside and outside.

The boat arrives in front of Miss Liberty and stays for about 15 minutes. There is enough time to take pictures and enjoy the view.

Our Dinner on the Yacht

The four-course menu was impeccable and really delicious. First, you get a menu from which you can choose your dishes. There was something for everyone. The vegetarians will find something here as well. All in all, it’s a great overall package. With the ticket booking, you have the option to book an “all-inclusive” package. This includes a guaranteed window seat, as well as an open bar which means you’ll be able to drink as much as you like.

Who Should Book this Dinner Cruise

This tour is particularly suitable for couples, friends and a special occasion. Make sure you are dressed to impress. It’s perfect for guests who want to spend three special hours on the Hudson River. However, we would definitely not recommend this tour with children.

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