Why Brooklyn’s House of Yes is More Than a Just a Club

One of the wildest clubs on the planet

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The most likely wildest club in New York City opened its doors in 2015. From day one House of Yes (HOY) is a great mix of nightclub and circus with both electronic music and live entertainment. Get ready for an impressive setting with high ceilings, huge screens showing video entertainment, a backyard and probably the best bathrooms you’ll ever experience.

The House of Yes in Bushwick

House-of-Yes-Circus performance
Credit: Kenny Rodriguez

The spectacularly decorated performance space inside a warehouse in Brooklyn hosts circus spectacles, immersive cinema, burlesque and cabaret shows, aerial extravaganzas, nightlife parties, morning raves, BBQs, and bubble baths. Come and watch the best artistic producers, super talented circus acrobats, drag queens, strippers, sexy go-go dancers and the world’s best musical artists.

House of Yes is one of the best clubs in New York City and famous for their parties like “House of Love” (“no photos”), Discotechnique (themed disco nights), fancy film tributes, along with a panoply of aerialists, the best magicians you have ever seen and dancers on retainer. This club is like nothing else you will ever experience. Spending a night out at House of Yes in Bushwick is like entering a whole new world full of room for sexual freedom. The transformative themed sets feel like an adult playground.

Crowds at the House of Yes

House-of-Yes-Burlesque Show
Credit: Kenny Rodriguez

At House of Yes, there are no boundaries or limits. Also, it is not defined what HOY really is. It’s for everyone. Regardless of if you’re straight or gay. There is a reason why people from all over the world travel to the House of Yes in New York to party and celebrate life. So if you’re looking to have a really good time, the House of Yes is the place to be. Most people going to HOY  wear costumes, but it’s not mandatory. If you’re looking for a costume, there is a little shop in front of the club, where you can rent one, get changed and do your make up.

At the HOY you will feel like you can be your most authentic, eccentric, queer self, and feel beautiful and celebrated for it.

Tickets for the House of Yes

There is always a great party at House of Yes and they keep redefining their parties with new themes, new decorations, and shows. The entry line often runs around the block, so make sure to get your tickets online before heading there. You will also be able to skip the lines in case you already purchased a ticket.

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