Free Art Courses & ‘Virtual views’ Of the MoMA

How to explore the MoMA from home

Ever since we got to visit the newly renovated MoMA in New York I’m a huge fan of the museum. While museums are closed due to Covid-19 right now, there are several options to still be able to experience virtual tours of many of them. The Museum of Art, in particular, offers a lot of online courses and tours of the museum. So even if you can’t visit the museum right now, it can totally come to you.

Take online art classes at the MoMA

Free Art Courses & ‘Virtual views’ Of the MoMA
I always wanted to learn more about art and now seems to be the time, since we will be stuck at home for at least another month. The MoMA offers online art classes through their free options on Coursera. You can choose from classes like “What is Contemporary Art”, learn about postwar abstract paintings or how fashion was utilized in Design.

The Virtual Views Series at the MoMA online

On top of the many online classes the MoMA provides, the famous Museum is also introducing their Virtual Views series next week. On April 9 they kick off their series with “Home Movies | Virtual film exhibition”, inspired by the exhibition Private Lives, Public Spaces.

All you need to do is sign up on Coursera and you’re ready to go. Read more about other virtual tours and online concerts here.

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