Is Driving In NYC Your Worst Nightmare? Ours too.

Uber is an app that will help you get around New York City affordably and at your convenience. Driving in NYC can be a pain if you are not used to it, but using Uber in NYC makes it less stressful!

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  • How Uber Works

To book a ride with Uber in NYC you need the Uber app on your smartphone. After installing the app on your smartphone, you will add your payment method which can be a credit card or a Paypal account.

When you are at the location where you want to be picked up, you just have to enter your destination address or the name (for example, Madison Square Garden) then click on “Request”. If you want to know how much your ride will cost you, use the price estimate by scrolling downwards.

Choose your ride and location. You will then see the photo and the vehicle information of your driver (private driver with his car) and can follow his way to you live on the map. Make sure you are not on a main road where the driver can not stop. You can also confirm you are walking to the correct car by looking at their license plate. Their license plate # will show in the app.

Uber in NYC

  • Types of vehicles that Uber uses: from cheap to luxurious Uber in NYC

Uber offers a vehicle for every occasion. You can choose exactly which vehicle class you would like before the order of the vehicle. However, caution should be exercised, as this has a strong impact on the price. The following are available:

ECONOMY (standard car)

PREMIUM (luxurious vehicles)

UBERPOOL (more on this later)

  • What is Uberpool?

Uberpool is a feature on the app where you can chose to book a car with others who can join. They will either be picked up or dropped off along your route. Uber does their best to only pool people together who are going to or from the same area.

There is, of course, the risk that the journey takes longer because the other person has to be taken to their destination. Perhaps you are also lucky and are dropped off or picked up first. This type of trip is particularly worthwhile for expensive trips. The fare is split and exactly calculated, depending on how many people are in the vehicle.

  • How do I recognize the Uber driver?

Before your driver arrives, you will see the name and a photo of the driver, the car and the license plate in your app. This ensures that you always get into the right vehicle. Often the driver also calls you, or sends an SMS. If it is a bit confusing at your pick-up location, go to somewhere where the driver can pick you up and best tell you this location by SMS. As soon as you sit in the car, the driver asks you about your name, this is the confirmation that you are the right person.

In the vehicle itself is often very easy, many drivers like to talk, ask for music, offer water or sweets.

Uber in NYC

  • When your Uber trip is complete

At the destination you just have to get off and overbook the ticket automatically from your credit card or PayPal account. A tip is not necessary, but can be given. Here I have already experienced a lot: When I go to the airport, for example, and the driver helped me with suitcases and everything, I give a small tip. Some drivers accept this, others reject it, which is simply not required at Uber. How safe is Uber?

I use Uber more than once a week, a Yellow Cab is just an emergency when there is no Uber Car nearby, which is almost never happening: driving in New York City is absolutely certain, I have never had a negative experience And the prices are also right. A Yellow Cab costs 20-30% more for the same ride.

  • Insider Tips for using Uber in NYC

Uber Pool whenever you can

Drivers will not let you squeeze more than the appropriate amount of people into the car

Make sure your phone is charged before requesting a car!

Try to be in a pick up location that is easily accessible for the driver



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