The Best Delis in New York

It’s 100 percent guaranteed that you’ll walk by a deli while visiting the city that never sleeps. Delis belong to NYC like the famous yellow cabs and the subway. The history of delis in New York goes back to the year 1800 when Jewish immigrants came to New York. They basically brought their cuisine and traditions to the city and opened most of the delis you’ll find in the city today. 

The first deli opened in 1885. We love delis not only because most of them have reasonable prices and offer great food options but they are also are simple and authentic. You’ll find delis in New York that even include a small grocery store.

Delis in New York: Our all time favorites

Mile End Delicatessen

With two locations in New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn) Mile End Delicatessen is an absolute insider. It was opened by a married couple, Noah Bernamoff from Canada and Rae Cohen from New York. Together they brought back their childhood memories to their customers by serving recipes their grandmas used to cook for them which brought this place on our list of the best delis in New York. 

With a little Canadian influence, Mile End Delicatessen has become this really special place where you’ll find high quality food, kosher and super delicious. 

Here is more about Mile End Delicatessen. 

Katz’s Delicatessen

This spot is a must-go for tourists and one of the best delis in New York. Expect crowds and long lines on the weekends and in the afternoon. This place has been a Jewish institution since 1888. Famous for a scene filmed for a Hollywood blockbuster and their A+ pastrami sandwiches, Katz’s Delicatessen is known all over the world when it comes to delis in New York.

There’s no place like Katz’s that’s for sure. Prices can be a little on the pricey side, but that’s because a lot of tourists come here and it sure is one of the best pastrami you can get in the city.

Pastrami Queen

Before you leave New York have a pastrami sandwich at Pastrami Queen located on the Upper East Side. For more than 30 years, this place is well established in the community east of Central Park and the New Yorker Food scene. Their huge selection of sandwiches makes the choice really difficult, but let us tell you, they are all delicious so you can’t really go wrong. This location truly deserves the word Queen – their pastrami is also considered one of the best you can eat in the city. 

Frankel’s Delicatessen

Since 2016 Zach and Eric Frankel sell their authentic Jewish cuisine in Greenpoint. Even though they are one of the newer delis in New York, and even if they don’t have that name such as a “Katz”, it’s definitely a go-to spot. We had the Pastrami-Egg-Sandwhich which was really delicious.

So in case you’re strolling through the area of Williamsburg and Greenpoint make a stop for a sandwich at Frankel’s Delicatessen. It’s on our list of the best delis in New York for a reason.

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