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Chelsea is one of the largest and most interesting neighborhoods in Manhattan. Especially when it comes to food, Chelsea ranks on top of the list. Cafeteria is located on 7th Avenue and is one of the best places to eat in the area. In this article we would like to tell you why this Cafeteria is so popular, particularly among locals.

A Meeting Place for New York Locals

When we arrived to Cafeteria at 1pm on a Thursday it wasn’t hard to tell that this place was full of locals, which means an authentic lunch with real New Yorkers! At Cafeteria you may end up sitting next to fashion designers discussing their latest Instagram videos or next to young artists scooping Mac & Cheese while sketching their newest drawing. If you look around, these are the observations you may make for yourself.

Great Atmosphere and Delicious Cocktails

Cafeteria is so popular, because it has a modern, fresh vibe. Its light colors give it a particularly calming atmosphere and it appears extraordinarily friendly and inviting. Cafeteria’s owner told us that the place is not only packed during lunch, but also in the evening. They serve delicious cocktails, wines and beers. We tried their Bellini ourselves, which was very rich in taste.

Healthy Cuisine and USA Classics

Another reason for Cafeteria’s popularity is its extensive food selection. If you’re looking for comfort food, you can enjoy American classics like Mac & Cheese while the more conscious eaters will be able to go for healthier options, such as quinoa and salmon with a side of fresh veggies. Their mussels are great, too! For the sweet tooth you will find all sorts of cakes, puddings and pancakes – Cafeteria basically offers something for each of us. Despite the high number of customers at Cafeteria, all meals are on point. Go and grab a bite here when you’re nearby!




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