The 8 Best Brunch Spots in The Village Right Now

Which brunch restaurant in the West Village is the best?

Are you looking for the best brunch spots in The Village? Then you’ve come to the right place – because I’ll show you the hippest and most authentic places where New Yorkers eat for breakfast in the Village.

To quickly and easily see which brunch spot is near you, you can find all the cafes and Bruch Restaurants of the Village in New York on an interactive map.

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My Favorite Brunch Restaurants and Cafés in The Village

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    Banter NYC

    Café in Greenwich Village
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    The Banter NYC is one of the best and most popular spots for brunch in the Greenwich Village of New York and is also always high on my list. The espresso is super delicious, not to mention the breakfast.

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    Bluestone Lane West Village Coffee Shop

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    Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe
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    Bluestone Lane Coffee now has several locations in New York. The coffee is roasted by hand, is fairly traded and there are only 100% natural ingredients on the bagels and sandwiches. What you will immediately notice: the locations are really nicely decorated – definitely very cozy and unique!

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    Bus Stop Cafe

    Café in West Village
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    Bus Stop Cafe is one of our favorite breakfast spots in the West Village. It is a charming place and exactly what you call and expect as a typical American diner. Very authentic, friendly and therefore absolutely recommendable!

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    Caffe Reggio

    Café in Greenwich Village
    Coffee shops Greenwich Village
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    In 1927, New Yorkers were sold their first cappuccino here. Not much has changed in the store since then. You should definitely try the homemade tiramisu – a treat!

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    Magnolia Bakery

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    The classic! Carrie and her girls have eaten delicious cupcakes here. An absolute must-do for Sex and the City fans and all those who can’t resist the sweet treat.

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    Merriweather Coffee + Kitchen

    Café in West Village
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    Inspired by Sydney’s hottest beach cafes, the founders opened this great location in the heart of The Village. Te Merriweather Coffee + Kitchen is located just across the street from Hudson Clearwater, one of our favorite breakfast spots in the West Village. If you want to grab a delicious coffee in a hipster atmosphere afterwards, Merriweather Coffee + Kitchen is the perfect spot.

    I can recommend the Flat White as well as the sandwiches – with a little luck you can sit at the window and watch the hustle and bustle of the locals.

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    The Grey Dog

    Café in West Village
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    Located near Washington Square Park, The Grey Dog not only serves tasty food but they offer brunch all day, every day. One of the main reasons that I like it is because this restaurant offers simple, satisfying meals without burning a hole in your pocket. 

    If you ask me, their drink menu steals the show with options like the Grey Dog Spritz and spicy pineapple margarita. And when you pair that with the Fried Chicken, and waffles served with maple butter and spicy chili syrup, then you’ll understand why it’s counted amongst the best brunch spots in Soho West Village.

The Cafés in Greenwich + West Village on the map

A map with all cafes in the Village can be found here – just click on “FULL MAP” if you want to see more. You can click on each restaurant on the map to find out everything you need to know.

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