August Wilson Theatre on Broadway

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The August Wilson Theatre opened in 1925 and was renamed very regularly through various changes of ownership. In 1925 it was called Guild Theatre, from 1950 ANTA Theatre and from 1981 Virginia Theatre. It was only in 2005 that it was given its present name in honor of August Wilson, a Pulitzer Prize winner.

It reminds us a little of the Walter Kerr Theatre, which, like the August Wilson Theatre, has retained its old New York charm to this day.

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August Wilson Theatre Seating Plan

Compared to other Broadway theaters in New York built at the same time, you’ll have more space between rows and seats. With a capacity of 1,225 seats, it is still one of the smaller theaters, which is divided between the Orchestra and Mezzanine.

August Wilson Theatre Seating Plan

Where Are the Best Seats at August Wilson Theatre Located?

Value Seats: Funny Girl features some staircases on either side of the stage, which may not be fully visible if seated too far back in the Orchestra section. However, as most of the performance unfolds center stage, middle rows of Orchestra Left and Right offer cost-effective and close-up viewing options. The rear of the Mezzanine, while a bit distant, offers budget-friendly tickets with a satisfactory overview of the stage.

Premium Seats: For an iconic musical like Funny Girl, the finest seats at the August Wilson Theatre are in Center Orchestra rows E – J. Positioned at the perfect distance, these seats offer complete views of the dance sequences and the entire set. Rows B and C of the Center Mezzanine also deliver impressive views, enabling spectators to enjoy an unobstructed panorama of the entire stage.

Current & Upcoming Shows

Funny Girl on Broadway PosterPro tip: Funny Girl is one of the most popular shows on Broadway right now. And since the musical can only be seen until September 3, you should act fast if you can still find tickets for your desired period!

Tickets for the Funny Girl are available here 👇


Past Shows

  • Slave Play (until January 23, 2022)
  • Pass Over (until October 10, 2021)
  • Mean Girls (until March 11, 2020)
  • Jersey Boys (until January 16, 2017)

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