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Due to your selection you unfortunately won’t save any money with any of the 3 passes.

However, you’re in luck! There is a fourth pass: the “GO Select Card New York”.This card allows you to compile your own pass, which will save you money and include all of your favourite attractions.


Passes that include admission to your chosen spots:

New York CityPASS

Focussed on the top attractions in the city. Choose 6 from the 9 main attractions, which you are most interested in. This is for the people who just want to see the highlights

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CityPASSbuy now

New York Explorer Pass

Within 30 days you can visit 3, 4, 5, 7, or 10 attractions from a list of 49 attractions. This is a great option if your stay in New York is either very short, or very long.

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Explorer Pass 3 choicesbuy now
Explorer Pass 4 choicesbuy now
Explorer Pass 5 choicesbuy now
Explorer Pass 7 choicesbuy now
Explorer Pass 10 choicesbuy now

New York Pass

All in one - the unlimited pass. Within the days you have purchased the pass for you can visit more than 80 attractions in the city. The famous Hop-on/Hop-off bus tours are also part of the tours you can choose from!

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New York Pass 1 Daybuy now
New York Pass for 2 Daysbuy now
New York Pass for 3 Daysbuy now
New York Pass for 5 Daysbuy now
New York Pass for 7 Daysbuy now
New York Pass for 10 Daysbuy now


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