The Osprey in Brooklyn – Located at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Modern American Cuisine

The Osprey in Brooklyn is an upscale American Restaurant located on the ground floor of 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. It features the same type of ambience the hotel and matches its surroundings perfectly.

The Ambience – The Osprey in Brooklyn

The restaurant has a very cozy and modern vibe to it. It feels like you’re outside because of the orange and green tones of the restaurant. With ceiling-to-floor glass windows, you get an amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge Park. There are plants scattered throughout the restaurant and really compliments the surroundings.

Our Food – Chef’s Choice

Firstly, we want to say thank you to the chef that provided us with an amazing meal. The Osprey offers a seasonal menu and gets their ingredients locally. Just to give you a quick heads up, because of the quality of the food, the prices range from $9 to$40.

For the first course we were served a salad with shaved baby vegetables, and their Whitefish Pate topped with pickled mustard seeds and poppy seed toast.

Next we had their Cauliflower served with grapes, mint and turmeric, as well as their Steak Tartare which had an egg yolk emulsion and finished off with parmesan.

For the final course we had their amazing Roast Chicken which was cooked perfectly, their Prime Rib Sandwich served with caramelized onions and blue cheese. These two entrees were served with a side of their Brussel Sprouts which had a pumpernickel romesco.

To learn more about the restaurant and their menu, please visit their website here.

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