Rosemary’s NYC

Rosemary’s NYC is a small fine dining Italian restaurant in the heart of Greenwich Village. This place is sensational and is perfect for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. We love spots that show great attention to detail. The menu itself has a good amount of selections and has a nice wine list to complement your meal.

The Ambiance at Rosemary’s NYC

For us, Rosemary’s is one of our favorite Italians restaurants in Greenwich Village. You realize that the kitchen crew understands their craft. The ambiance at Rosemary’s NYC has a romantic vibe at night and cozy during the day. It’s a perfect place to bring someone on a date. The roof is filled with decorative lights and the restaurant itself has a earthy tone.

Here’s What we Ordered

We visited Rosemary’s during lunch and had a great experience with the food. We ordered their Caprese Focaccia which has tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil. We also had their skirt steak as well as a salad with chicken which were both amazing. To finish it all off we ordered their tiramisu. To learn more about their restaurant and menu please click here.

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