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Red Baron Ink was founded in the summer of 2012 by Grant Lubbock. He and his wife Giselle didn’t let the opinions of others stop them from following through with their plans. The two were from completely different worlds, which is still reflected in the team today. The Red Baron Ink team is made up of diverse artists from all over the world, all with one common goal: to create great art in the form of great tattoos.  Every customer who leaves the studio with a new tattoo should enjoy their unique work of art on their skin for a lifetime.

The tattoo studio is located in the beautiful West Village, right on the border to Chelsea. From our own experience, we can say that every wish is taken care of and the artists are always striving to make their customers happy. With an hourly rate of $250, this studio isn’t inexpensive, but it’s all about tattoos that will be a lifetime decoration for your skin. You feel like you’re in good hands here & you’ll want to come back. This studio is an absolute recommendation!

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I'm in love with New York City since I was a child but when I finally had the chance to visit this place back in 2019 I lost my heart. This city makes me happy in a way I didn't know before. Now I hope that I can give you some inspiration for your New York City trip, so that you can understand my love for this city and have the best possible time in the Big Apple.

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