Her Name is Han – Korean Soul Food

Her Name is Han is a Korean restaurant located near the Empire State Building. According to the restaurant’s website Her Name is Han was designed to be a nostalgic one, where guests can enjoy an authentic Korean meal, all with the same feeling of comfort as eating at home.

The Atmosphere

We went to the restaurant during lunch and it was fairly busy. It’s located in Korea Town (K-Town) which is near Macy’s and the Empire State Building. The restaurant had wooden floors, walls and pillars and definitely had a cozy ambience. The restaurant has earth tones with brown being the main color with hints of green.

Our Lunch Selection

Her Name is Han has a pretty straight forward lunch menu. Guests are able to choose from a vegetable set, salmon, pork, beef or chicken. We decided to go with the Braised Short Ribs. Each lunch set is served with their daily soup, kimchi and a salad.  They also come with small side dishes as well but those will vary depending on the set that you order.

The braised beef was pretty good and it was nice and tender. It was a little bit on the sweet side for us, but it was a very good meal otherwise. The meat was perfectly cooked and paired really well with white rice. To our surprise the restaurant also gave us a free dish to try which was Black Sesame Tofu which was garnished with fried onions on top. This was an interesting combination and was sweet and salty. The fried onions gave it a crunchy texture which was a nice touch.

For dessert we had their Rice Wine Tiramisu which was amazing. Everything about that plate was perfect. Her Name is Han definitely did a great job with that. If you want to learn more about their restaurant you can visit their site here.

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