The 12 best Hotels in Brooklyn!

Which Brooklyn hotel is the best?

Are you looking for a nice hotel in Brooklyn for your next New York vacation? But what is the most beautiful hotel to stay in? My advice: check out our best of list! We have tested many hotels in New York over the years and have put together the best hotels in Brooklyn for you.

These are the best hotels in Brooklyn

In our best list you can quickly and easily compare the most beautiful hotels in Brooklyn, New York, you can also see at a glance if it is a boutique hotel or design hotel – if you want to see more information and current prices, just click on the button “to the website”. Further down, you will find the most beautiful accommodations in Brooklyn on a map.

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    1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

    Hotels & Accommodations in Dumbo
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    5 stars | Right on the border of the two trendy neighborhoods of Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights, you’ll find 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. The building gives you the impression that it’s paying homage to the area’s past and history. Celebrities and artists in particular love the environmentally conscious hotel and its unique and stellar location.

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    Hotel Indigo Williamsburg Brooklyn

    Hotels & Accommodations in Williamsburg
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    4 Stars | Hotel Indigo is located in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn (there is a second location in Manhattan) and it is one of the few hotels that can offer you this view in this borough. If you are looking for a hotel in an urban and creative environment that is also luxurious, Hotel Indigo in Brooklyn is a wonderful option!The highlights are an outdoor pool on the roof and a sun terrace. 

    What I find especially beautiful about the Hotel Indigo? From your hotel room you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the sunset over Manhattan! 

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    Aloft Brooklyn

    Hotels & Accommodations in Dumbo
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    3 Stars | The Aloft in Brooklyn is a great insider tip for the budget-conscious traveler. It’s situated close to the Brooklyn Bridge, perfectly connected to the subway. You’ll be in downtown in Manhattan in no time. The view from the rooftop bar is something else – absolutely stunning!

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    CODA Williamsburg

    Hotels & Accommodations in Williamsburg
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    4 stars | The CODA Williamsburg in Brooklyn is a boutique hotel and one of New York’s best-known pool hotels. There’s free WiFi, a 24/ gym and the rooms feature walk-in rain showers.

    Like the other hotels, it has a rooftop bar, from where you have a relaxing view of Manhattan and the surrounding area. The pool is one of the largest pools out of all the hotels. Here you will be able to enjoy the summer.

  5. 05

    EVEN Hotel Brooklyn

    Hotels & Accommodations in Downtown Brooklyn
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    4 Stars | A bit of an insider tip for families is the EVEN Hotel in Downtown Brooklyn. The rooms are large and nicely designed, there are many small cafés and shops nearby – and Manhattan can be reached quickly by subway. It’s a really great hotel near the Brooklyn Bridge and I highly recommend it!

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    Hampton Inn Brooklyn Downtown

    Hotels & Accommodations in Dumbo
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    3 Stars | This beautiful hotel is located just a few kilometers from the Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Bridge. The rooms are comfortably furnished and each room has a TV. A delicious breakfast and Wi-Fi is included in the price.

  7. 07

    Henry Norman Hotel

    Hotels & Accommodations in Greenpoint
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    3 Stars | The Henry Norman Hotel is located in the heart of Greenpoint – which is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Many of the hotel rooms feel like apartments because they also offered a small mini-kitchen and a lot of space. The Loft Suites are exceptional – and you can even take a free shuttle to the nearest Subway station!

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    Hilton Brooklyn New York

    Hotels & Accommodations in Dumbo
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    4 stars | A very popular hotel near Brooklyn Bridge is the Hilton Brooklyn New York. Even though it’s right in the busy areas of Brooklyn several subway stations nearby, it’s nonetheless quiet and relaxing inside the hotel. In a few minutes you can reach the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Heights Promenade – from there you have one of the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Manhattan skyline possible.

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    Hotel Le Bleu

    Hotels & Accommodations in Park Slope
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    3 Stars | Le Bleu in Park Slope is a nice hotel very close to the idyllic Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn. You’ll be smack in the middle of the beautiful Brooklyn life. Prospect Park is only a few blocks away and by subway you can be in Lower Manhattan in 20 minutes.

  10. 10

    Hotel Le Jolie

    Hotels & Accommodations in Williamsburg
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    3 Stars | You get great bang for your buck at this small boutique hotel. It is located on lively Meeker Avenue and is known for its cozy and comfortable rooms. You can be in Manhattan in eleven minutes by train.

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    McCarren Hotel & Pool

    Hotels & Accommodations in Williamsburg
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    3 Stars |  One of the most famous hotels with a pool in New York is the McCarren in Brooklyn. Like many other hotels there is a rooftop bar, from where you can enjoy a relaxed view of Manhattan and the surrounding area. The pool is one of the biggest pools of all hotels in the city, you will have a great time here during summer!

  12. 12

    New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge

    Hotels & Accommodations in Dumbo
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    4 Stars | The New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge is not exactly a bargain. But if you’re looking for a hotel near the legendary Brooklyn Bridge, you should check it out anyway. That’s because the location is perfect, the rooms are large and bright – and the view out on the is glorious!

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    Sheraton Brooklyn New York

    Hotels & Accommodations in Dumbo
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    4 Stars | A popular hotel in Downtown Brooklyn with several subway connections in the immediate vicinity is the Sheraton Hotel. Despite its location, it is actually pretty quiet in the hotel and was one of my favorites when I visited New York together with my family.  The rooms are large and bright – it was recently completely renovated! 

  14. 14

    The Ace Hotel Brooklyn

    Hotels & Accommodations in Boerum Hill
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    4 Stars | The Ace Hotel is one of the most exquisite boutique properties in Brooklyn, featuring modern design with stunning views. Within The Ace Hotel, pops of color draw the eye, dotting the elegant decor, which encompasses the chic style which is uniquely New York. A seamless mix of natural elements and painstakingly designed private and public spaces, along with stunning views of iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, make The Ace Hotel one of the best affordable accommodation options in the city. 


    • Free wifi
    • Pet-friendly
    • Custom bathrobe in every room
    • Eco-friendly bath products
    • Hi-Def Televisions
    • Disabled guest-friendly
    • SMEG refrigerator
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    The Box House Hotel

    Hotels & Accommodations in Greenpoint
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    3 Stars | The Box House Hotel offers a special experience because their rooms are designed in an apartment-like style in order to provide you with a home-away-from-home feeling. Additionally, the decor is totally different from anything else you’d find in the area; due to this hotel actually being a converted factory!

    And this hotel is located in Greenpoint, which is a Brooklyn community that includes a variety of interesting places like art galleries and music venues that are totally unique to it. 

    You won’t be able to find the same experiences anywhere else, but if you decide to travel further into New York, it isn’t hard to do from this location as it’s quite close to Long Island City.

  16. 16

    The Hoxton Williamsburg

    Hotels & Accommodations in Williamsburg
    Hoxton Williamsburg Hotel East River Views
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    4 Stars | For me, the Hoxton in Williamsburg is one of the most beautiful hotels in New York: from the rooftop bar you have a spectacular view of Manhattan, and the rooms are very tastefully decorated. I felt at home immediately! 

  17. 17

    The William Vale

    Hotels & Accommodations in Williamsburg
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    5 Stars | If you’re looking for a hotel in NYC with a view, then look no further than The William Vale Hotel. This location is a luxury hotel in Brooklyn that features balconies in a variety of rooms that shows off the fantastic surrounding views of the city. And they even have a large rooftop swimming pool, from which you can also take in those views.

    And of course, like any luxury hotel, The William Vale also includes a rooftop bar named the Westlight. As well as a restaurant named Leuca which serves Italian styled dishes including wood-fired pizzas and pastas cooked by the in-house chefs.

  18. 18

    The Williamsburg Hotel

    Hotels & Accommodations in Williamsburg
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    5 Stars | The Williamsburg Hotel is located in the popular neighborhood in Brooklyn, Williamsburg. This area is known for creatives and young professionals. It has a very rustic and artistic atmosphere.  It is a 5-star hotel with fantastic views: from the roof with its restaurant as well as from the pool you can look out over the Manhattan skyline. Not only that, but it is very well-connected to the Subway, so you can quickly get anywhere you want to go.

  19. 19

    Wythe Hotel

    Hotels & Accommodations in Williamsburg
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    4 Stars | What an area: three wonderful hotels within a radius of just 2 blocks, and one of them is the beautiful and very popular Wythe Hotel. The building it’s in used to be a factory, which makes this place all the more charming. 

Map of Brooklyn New York

Map of Brooklyn New York

Brooklyn, New York is one of the five boroughs that make up New York City and borders Manhattan and Queens. It’s pretty impressive that Brooklyn covers a land area of about 96 mi ² and a water surface of about 26 mi ² and is the largest of the five boroughs with approximately 2.6 million inhabitants. Over the years, people of all religions and backgrounds have found their homes in Brooklyn. It’s a truly unique and diverse area.

Things to do in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Museum are the obvious choices. But make sure to visit DUMBO, which stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”. The view from there is iconic. Visiting Williamsburg is also generally a very good idea. It’s one of the, if not the trendiest part of the city.

Find your perfect hotel in no time!

More than 100 hotels and over 70 neighborhoods to choose from –and after just 4 quick questions, I’ll show you which hotels in New York are best suited for you!

Hotels close to Brooklyn

If you’d rather want to stay in Manhattan or Queens, take a look here:

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