The Doughnut Project in the West Village

A trendy and popular donut shop in the West Village called The Doughnut Project offers customers unique flavors. Some of the popular flavors they offer are the “Everything Donut”, “Blueberry Parsnip” and its well-known “Prosecco Donut”.

Special Donut Creations

The shop’s ambience along with its graffiti-painted walls is an absolute highlight and perfectly matches its unique donuts. The shop opens daily and closes at 6:00 PM. Please note that the donuts are usually sold out before the shop closes.

On their fairly popular Instagram account, the owners of the Doughnut Project, Troy Neil and Leslie Polizzotto share their latest creations and also notify their followers when a certain flavor is almost sold out.

The donuts are prepared daily so they are guaranteed to be fresh.  To learn more about The Doughnut Project and the different flavors they offer, please visit their website here.

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