Elevate the 2024 Brunch Game: 15 Great Brunch Spots on the Upper East Side

Welcome to the sophisticated world of brunch, Upper East Side style! In this chic neighborhood, brunch is elevated to new heights, blending timeless elegance with innovative culinary surprises. From the irresistible allure of avocado toast with a delightful twist to the decadence of brioche French toast or the simple pleasure of a perfectly executed Eggs Florentine, the Upper East Side invites you on an unforgettable brunch journey.

As we navigate the city that never sleeps, it’s worth noting that fantastic brunch spots are waiting to be discovered on every corner. So, be sure to check out my comprehensive guide to the Best Brunch Spots in NYC that can serve as your treasure map to these tantalizing delights. But, today, our focus is on the prestigious Upper East Side, so are you ready to revel in the flavors of New York’s finest? Let’s dive in!

My Favorite Spots for the Best Brunch on the Upper East Side

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    Festival Cafe

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    Festival Cafe is the home of NYC’s only farm-to-bar cocktail experience. Located on 2nd Ave, this brunch spot has a chic ambiance, incredible staff, and a delectable menu that keeps me coming back.

    Their lobster rolls and salmon are top-notch, but it’s their croissants that steal the show. And when you combine the bottomless mimosas, bloody mary, and spritzers, you’re in for a great time! For food, I suggest you try their cheeseburger, nachos, vanilla bean french toast, and of course, the avocado toast. But remember, their bottomless brunch only runs from 12 pm to 4 pm on weekends, so plan ahead and arrive early!

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    Mexican Restaurant in Upper East Side
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    If you’re looking for a boozy brunch in the Upper East Side, then Maya is your place. Situated on 1st Ave, this spot offers 90 minutes of bottomless brunch, full of bloody marys, mimosas, and margaritas. And did I mention that they also have a never-ending supply of tacos, quesadillas, and enchiladas?

    Whatever you do, don’t mistake Maya for a run-of-the-mill Mexican joint – Chef Richard Sandoval’s innovative touch takes it to the next level. For $59, you can dive into bottomless food and drinks, making it one of my favorite weekend spots. My food picks? Short Rib Enchilada, Mini Waffles, and the Enfrijoladas.

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    Seamore's Upper East Side

    Sea Food Restaurant in Upper East Side
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    Also located on 3rd Ave, you’ll find Seamore’s. When I think of this brunch restaurant, I imagine fresh fish caught just a day before from the East Coast landing on my brunch plate. Here, their fish tacos and lobster benedict are a testament to the versatility of seafood in brunch. Not a seafood lover? No worries, there are traditional brunch food options too.

    One of the reasons Seamore’s is so popular is because their bottomless brunch deal is an absolute steal – $28 for 90 minutes of bottomless drinks with an entrée. But remember, this is a weekend-only treat. If you visit, I highly recommend their Yellowfin Tuna Poke for an appetizer, Lobster Benedict for the main, and don’t miss out on their famous Churro Ice Cream Sandwich for dessert!

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    Quality Eats

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    Are you looking for a steakhouse brunch in the Upper East Side? If so, then head to Quality Eats on 2nd Ave. As the name suggests, their brunch menu offers high-quality meat dishes like short rib hash and steak du jour.

    Perhaps the best part is that the bright and lively atmosphere adds to the allure, making it one of my favorite spots for brunch. Be sure to share their Quality Monkey Bread with your friends; it’s a light, sweet, and oh-so-fluffy bread! And don’t miss out on their Eggs & Steak du Jour or the Mezze & Eggs, which are both an upscale twist to brunch that you’ll love.

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    Cafe d'Alsace

    French Restaurant in Upper East Side
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    Cafe d’Alsace, an Upper East Side brunch favorite, brings the warmth of a classic Parisian brasserie to the city. It’s where you can savor flawlessly folded crepes and the buttery goodness of croque madame under a radiant ambiance. 

    Executive Chef Philippe Roussel weaves magic in the kitchen, transforming Franco-German flavors into delicious brunch treats. Whether you’re delighting in the Croque Madame or the Country Avocado Toast, this is THE place to experience a taste of Alsace in NYC and a truly unforgettable brunch.

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    For the brunch lovers who crave more than just 90 minutes of bottomless brunch, then Sojourn on E 79th St is the spot where you want to be. This restaurant offers a two-hour bottomless weekend brunch that is not to be missed.

    When here, pair your mimosas with their Challah French Toast or Croque Madame. And if you partied hard the night before, their Hangover Cure is just what the doctor ordered., Sojourn, which is not to be confused with Sojourn Social, is hands down one of the best brunch spots in the Upper East Side.

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    Jones Wood Foundry

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    Heading into Yorkville, you’ll find Jones Wood Foundry, which is a British gastropub that’s a local haven for both foodies and Premier League fans. Hidden in the back, this peaceful space invites you to indulge in toasted crumpets and a typical English breakfast.

    When I eat at Jones Wood Foundry, I always opt for the Prix Fixe, which offers great bang for your buck. I suggest going for the English breakfast, Yorkshire pudding pop-over, fried chicken and waffle, or English bacon steak and eggs for a truly indulgent experience. But the good news is that no matter what you pick, as long as you choose outdoor seating, you cannot go wrong!

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    Hutch & Waldo

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    If you find yourself near E 81st St, be sure to stop by Hutch & Waldo. This restaurant’s Aussie origins reverberate through its all-day brunch menu, that’s filled with delicious bites like creamy avocado toast and tantalizing Atlantic salmon toast. 

    I personally recommend trying one of their delightful breakfast bowls, which are brimming with locally sourced ingredients. Here, you’ll be treated to not just an Instagrammable brunch but also a flavorful journey. Oh, and their coffee? An aromatic delight that’s arguably some of the best in New York City.

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    The East Pole

    American Restaurant in Upper East Side
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    The East Pole is discreetly housed in a brownstone on East 65th Street and serves up some of the best brunch in the UES. With a fresh, rotating, farm-to-table menu, it’s a must-visit spot for brunch lovers. 

    Think of it as “elegant home cooking,” available only on the weekends, ensuring you get a fresh and delicious meal every time. Don’t miss out on their huevos rancheros, complete with house-made tortillas and black beans. And do try the egg white frittata and brioche french toast – they’re simply delightful.

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    B. Cafe

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    Continuing on our journey, we arrive on East 75th Street. Nestled near Central Park, you’ll find B. Cafe, which dishes up Belgian-inspired brunch that’s a cut above the rest. The airy, light Belgian waffle tastes like a bite of cloud, while the moules frites – fresh mussels paired with the cafe’s signature fries – offer a savory delight. 

    If you visit, be sure to enjoy brunch in their beautiful back garden. This charming spot is adorned with lights and bistro sets that are ideal for a date. And for the best brunch experience, I recommend their eggs benedict salmon and the B. Burger, served with pancetta and gruyere.

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    The Penrose

    American Restaurant in Upper East Side
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    The Penrose on Second Avenue is a stand-out Upper East Side brunch spot that doubles as an old-school bar. I love this restaurant because it’s bright and welcoming, which makes for a perfect brunch destination to enjoy innovative cocktails alongside delicious bites. 

    For something sweet, I highly recommend the cinnamon bun french toast sticks – a delicacy dressed in vanilla cream cheese drizzle and brown butter maple syrup. And if you’re after something savory, the avocado toast, Eggs Benedict, and shrimp and grits hit the spot. Believe me when you say you won’t regret a visit to The Penrose!

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    Bluestone Lane

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    A hop, skip, and jump away from Central Park on 5th Avenue, Bluestone Lane buzzes with the lively chatter of locals savoring the best brunch in the Upper East Side. The camaraderie is infectious, the coffee divine, and the Australian cafe-style brunch well worth any potential wait. 

    On a visit to Bluestone Lane, I suggest savoring the grain bowl, indulging in a breakfast burger, or going for my personal favorites, the avocado smash and Brekkie Board. They also serve a mean chimichurri eggs & bacon toast. So, grab a spot outside on a sunny day and soak in the friendly atmosphere.

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    EJ's Luncheonette

    American Restaurant in Upper East Side
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    Just down from Maman, on 3rd Avenue, EJ’s Luncheonette is an Upper East Side brunch hub that is reminiscent of the classic American diner era. Once you step inside, it’s like you’ve traveled back to the 1930s or 40s, and you’re surrounded by comforting home-style breakfasts that skip the frills but not the flavor. 

    From heavenly chocolate chip pancakes that melt into a gooey delight to classic eggs benedict and a smoked salmon platter, there’s something to satisfy every craving. Want my top picks? Try the blueberry pancakes or the challah french toast – you won’t be disappointed! Oh, and remember, this is a cash-only spot, so come prepared.

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    Nestled on 3rd Avenue, Maman is among the best brunch spots Upper East Side, standing out with its cozy ambiance and impressive all-day brunch offerings. This spot is reminiscent of a French bakery and gives off a whimsical charm that invites leisurely catch-ups and solo diners alike. 

    NYC locals can’t get enough of their scrumptious quiche, decadent chocolate croissant, and famous macadamia nut cookie. And I must say that I agree! Moreover, you can’t overlook their outstanding coffee, which is truly an underrated delight in any bakery. So, don’t miss this spot; after all, even Oprah named it one of her favorites!

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    Sant Ambroeus

    Italian Restaurant in Upper East Side
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    Located just down from Central Park, right off Madison Avenue, you’ll find Sant Ambroeus, the epitome of Sunday brunch NYC Upper East Side elegance. As you sink into the plush velvet chairs surrounded by white tablecloths, you’ll find the ambiance relaxed yet sophisticated – like donning business casual attire for a meal. 

    Ready for my recommendations? The Omelette della Casa is a classic – choose your preferred fillings from an enticing list and savor the flavors. Or, for a bit of indulgence, the Salmone Affumicato with Scottish smoked salmon and cream cheese never disappoints.


What's the best restaurant for breakfast/brunch on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NY?

The best restaurant for breakfast/brunch on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NY, largely depends on personal taste. If you’re a seafood lover, Seamore’s, founded by native New Yorker Michael Chernow, offers a refreshing brunch experience with freshly caught fish. However, for those craving a Mexican twist, Maya offers an impressive bottomless brunch. And, finally, The Viand is an excellent choice for all-day brunch, providing classic diner fare in a cozy atmosphere.

What train goes to the upper east side?

The Upper East Side is easily accessible via public transport. The primary train servicing the area is the 4, 5, and 6 lines, also known as the Green Line, which runs along Lexington Avenue. In 2017, the city extended the Q train to include stops on the Upper East Side, providing another convenient option for reaching this amazing neighborhood.

What to wear to brunch in the Upper East Side NYC?

When it comes to what to wear to brunch in the Upper East Side, NYC, it’s about striking a balance between casual and chic. Keep in mind the neighborhood’s reputation for elegance and style. So, a classic blouse or button-down paired with fashionable jeans or a midi skirt works well. And don’t forget to accessorize with a stylish handbag or sunglasses for that quintessential UES look.

What foods do they serve at brunch Upper East Side NYC?

Brunch options on the Upper East Side are plentiful and diverse. From classic brunch staples like scrambled eggs, poached eggs, chocolate chip pancakes, and the best French toast to unique culinary experiences like seafood-focused brunch dishes at Seamore’s or Mexican brunch offerings at Maya, there’s something for every palate. And don’t forget the cocktails – many spots offer bottomless brunch with an array of drink options.

What time is brunch NYC?

Brunch time in NYC typically starts around 10 or 11 am and can extend into the late afternoon, often ending around 3 or 4 pm. However, it’s always best to check specific restaurant hours, as some places like The Viand offer all-day brunch, allowing you to enjoy their delicious fare at any time.

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