BoCaphe: Vietnamese–French Cuisine

BoCaphe is located in SoHo which is an area known for trendy shops and restaurants. The restaurant’s health-conscious, Vietnamese–French infused menu is filled with an abundance of choices and has something for everyone.

The Atmosphere

The ambience of BoCaphe catches your attention immediately. Once you walk into the cozy restaurant, you sort of forget that you’re in NYC. Aesthetically, the restaurant is clean, filled with plants, decorated with neon lights, wooden tables and old newspapers from what we’re assuming Vietnam. We were seated right away and the servers were really knowledgeable about the menu. The attention to detail is something that we appreciated as well. For example, the servers leave a cold pitcher of water filled with basil at the table which compliments the overall color and presentation of the restaurant.

The Food (With Health in Mind)

For most people, when they hear healthy food, they assume that it’s not going to be appetizing. BoCaphe does a really good job of proving that wrong. The dishes are flavorful, colorful and definitely not oily. For lunch we ordered their taro fries, salmon and thai basil rice bowl, chicken and ginger rice bowl, and their sweet roll for dessert.

Their taro fries were perfectly seasoned. This appetizer has a thicker texture and is slightly sweeter than its counterpart, the french fry.

As for the main entrees, the salmon and thai basil rice bowl, and the chicken and ginger rice bowl had the same base. The base consisted of jasmine rice tandoori, turmeric and seasoned vegetables.  The only difference here, is the protein. What we loved about these dishes is that the majority of the flavor comes from the proteins while the base is more of an aromatic. We recommend eating a little bit of everything so you can get the full experience. The ingredients of the dishes compliment each other very well.

We had their sweet roll for dessert. The sweet roll consisted of bananas, strawberries and nutella. A mango coulis is served on the side as well.

If you want to eat clean and are health-conscious, we definitely recommend BoCaphe.  To learn more about the restaurant please visit their website here.


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