Black Star Bakery in Long Island City

If you’ve ever been to Long Island City (LIC) in Queens, then you’ll realize it’s a neighborhood that’s going through gentrification. With gentrification means new businesses will open up such as cafe and bakeries. We decided to check out this awesome cafe called Black Star Bakery. It’s located near Gantry State Plaza Park.

The Atmosphere at Black Star Bakery

According to the Black Star Bakery website, they have two locations. One in Williamsburg and the other in LIC. The LIC location has a very clean and minimal feel to it. The white walls give the cafe a bright atmosphere and is welcoming.

The Menu

The menu is diverse. It has a variety of platters, pastries and sandwiches. If you’re an avocado lover, then you’re in luck. We noticed that item is prevalent in the menu. We got a chance to try out three of their items. The first one was their avocado toast with an egg drizzled with their hot sauce. The next one was their yogurt bowl with mixed fruit, honey and coconut. The last one was their 2 egg platter with olives, avocado, a salad with feta cheese and a thin wheat bagel. All of their dishes were amazing and felt really clean and healthy. It was simplicity at its finest. If you want to learn more about the bakery, please visit their website here. 

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