5 Reasons to Absolutely Love the Musical Aladdin

Who doesn’t know the legendary tale of Aladdin and his magic lamp? The “1001 Nights” inspired musical directed by Tony Award winner Casey Nicholaw enchants its audience each and every show. In addition to the protagonist Aladdin, you will also get to see Jasmine, the Genie, and the Flying Carpet.

Musical Aladdin: The Shining Star on Broadway

The show is guaranteed to take you on a magic carpet ride. Yet, some may wonder what exactly makes this musical so unique. What makes it so successful? Why is it so popular among the audience and how did it manage to outperform various bestselling competitors on Broadway? Below you can read about our top 5 reasons why you simply have no choice but to love Aladdin.

1. Aladdin Has Taken Broadway by Storm

Disney’s Aladdin is not only one of the best-selling musicals on Broadway, it also established itself as the most triumphant musical of the entire season. Aladdin showcases unrivaled set design with brilliant costumes and lighting as well as some of the most talented performers. Critics are convinced: Aladdin is the star on Broadway.

 2. Genie of the Lamp

Whether young or old – everybody in the audience is eagerly waiting for one particular moment: The moment Genie is released from his lamp. His arrival on stage leaves spectators in amazement and the song ”‘Friend Like Me” enjoys a standing ovation show after show. Genie, who is played by James Monroe, is undoubtedly the audience’s favorite and makes the show worth every penny.

 3. Musical Aladdin: High Standards

Aladdin’s producers have taken home a total of 20 Grammy Awards, 17 Tony Awards, and 13 Academy Awards. It’s hardly surprising Aladdin turned out to be such a success.

 4. Catchy Tunes

“A Whole New World” is, without a doubt, one of the best-known musical songs altogether. For some the song may be the perfect choice for their wedding dance, for others it may simply be a lovely memory of the Disney movie from the year 1992. In fact, the world-famous song was even awarded an Oscar back then. Five songs from the movie were adapted into the musical and four completely new songs were added. Did you know that the show also includes three previously unreleased songs that were originally written for the movie? You definitely won’t be able to get enough of the catchy songs in the musical Aladdin

 5. “Shining, Shimmering, Splendid”

The costumes worn by Aladdin’s performers are unparalleled. You will see glitter everywhere you look thanks to millions of Swarovski stones that decorate the outfits. One costume worn during “Friend Like Me” holds the record of having the highest number of crystals, counting a total of 1,428. Needless to say, Aladdin is Broadway’s shiniest musical by far.

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