Winter Storm Grayson: The “Bomb Cyclone”

The First Storm of 2018

On January 04, 2018, Winter Storm Grayson or as mainstream media called it, a bomb cyclone was the first official blizzard that swept across the East Coast of the US, leaving New York with a fair amount of snow. Even in the sunny state of Florida, snow accumulated for the first time in over two decades. Meteorologists stated that a bomb cyclone occurs when a rapid amplification of low pressure with very cold and warm air masses meet.

Snow with Icy Powerful Winds

Obviously, New Yorkers aren’t new to snow. The only problem this time were the icy winds that the snowstorm in New York brought with it. As dangerous as the blizzard was, we were out on the street for you during the bomb cyclone and captured some moments with our camera. The scariest part was when we walked over the Manhattan Bridge. The wind was insane and was literally pushing us. Luckily the entire bridge had a gate to protect pedestrians from falling over. View the pictures below!


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