Urbanspace Foodmarket in Midtown

Skyscrapers, packed sidewalks, traffic and yellow cabs – you will find that everywhere in the city, but especially in Midtown Manhattan, you will get an extra dose of the hectic city life. This part of New York is very attractive for tourist because of it’s many sights like the Empire State Building or the Rockefeller Center. Sightseeing oftentimes leaves you hungry, right? Here is one of our insider tips in Midtown Manhattan where you can grab lunch and eat in the middle of locals. A stone’s throw away from Grand Central Terminal, Urbanspace Vanderbilt food market brings more than 20 artisanal food vendors to Manhattan.

Urbanspace Vanderbilt at Grand Central

Midtown is made for tourist basically. Most parts at least. The restaurants are more expensive and offer a lot fast convenient food. Well known and popular restaurants are most likely with reservation only. If you are traveling with a group and find yourself having a hard time making a choice where to eat in Midtown try the amazing food market close to the famous Grand Central Terminal. Inside the Helmsley Building on Vanderbilt Avenue foodies won’t get enough.

Little pop-up shops welcoming their visitors with delicious food, juices and coffee. Around lunch time the food market gets pretty busy because of all the locals spending their lunch break here. If you want to enjoy your lunch next to the locals this will be the time of the day when you should come to the Urbanspace food market.

The variety of food is amazing

Here is a little insight on what to expect at the Urbanspace Vanderbilt food market:  Takumi Taco has the best tacos, that’s for sure. Roberta’s  brings Brooklyns best pizza to Midtown. At Mimmi’s Humus you can try a variety of middle eastern food and at Tablespoon vegetarians will get what they are looking for. Coffee, cookies, doughnuts, there is nothing you won’t find here. Everywhere is self-service, so even if you are vegetarian and your friend wants chicken tacos you won’t have a problem here.

The Urbanspace Foodmarket is the ideal spot for a quick bite during sightseeing and has the best local cuisine the city has to offer.

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