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Bike rentals in NYC is very popular with many tourists and we are always asked for the best and most accommodating providers. With bike rentals in NYC, you have the opportunity to cover more ground. You can do many things like taking Central Park bike rides.  We really recommend only a few bike rentals in NYC. Most of the time, people are overwhelmed by so many suppliers and prices. We have the perfect provider, where the price-performance ratio is right. This bike rental in NYC is called Unlimited Biking.

Bike Rentals in NYC

Unlimited Biking is a premium bike rental service offering seven Manhattan locations – Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Pier 78 Hudson River, Harlem, and Brooklyn Bridge Park. They are open all year round and offer not only high-quality Cannondale bicycles but also complete equipment such as helmets, bicycle baskets, bags, and even locks.

In addition, the bikes are maintained and checked daily by their experts. Compared to standard bicycles, there are also racing bikes, children’s bikes, and child seats. We were there to check out their collection and were very pleased with the service. We tested the bikes and were thrilled. Bike rentals in NYC from Unlimited Biking start from $25 per bike plus insurance.

Bike Riding in NYC with Unlimited Biking

Their services include bike rentals, guided hikes, rollerblade rentals, pedicab tours, horseback riding, and picnics in great places such as Central Park.


The Benefits of Unlimited Biking

  • Rentals available in several locations in New York
  • Located near areas that are popular with cyclists
  • Great price and value
  • Safe and high-quality bikes
  • Options to rent different types of bikes in NYC
  • Included in New York Sightseeing Passes

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