The Oculus Transportation Hub at Westfield World Trade Center Mall NYC

Ultimately Connecting 11 Subway Lines & Retail Space

By Kelsey, 25. September 2017
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The 4 million dollar transportation center & mall in Lower Manhattan

The Oculus at Westfield World Trade Center Mall replaces the PATH station that was destroyed during 9/11 in 2001. This 800,000 square foot building cost 4 billion dollars to build making it the most expensive train stop in the world! Furthermore, they are still continuing to work on this building today. With it’s sleek and modern design, it is an attraction to see when in Lower Manhattan. The transit hall alone is 325 feet long which is 90 ft. longer than Grand Central Terminal!

Westfield World Trade Center

The Oculus Subway Hub

Ultimately, The Oculus at Westfield World Trade Center will connect 11 subway lines together. This is an important hub for commuters coming from Jersey. The PATH trains to run to and from Newark, Jersey City, and Hoboken all come into this train stop. Santiago Calatrava is the mastermind behind the design of The Oculus. As the budget continued to grow while building, they had to stop at 4 billion. The design was inspired by a child releasing a dove. There was a plan to have the roof become retractable like a birds wings, but it would have just cost to much. Could you imagine that though?

The Oculus was designed to let light stream down into the transportation center. This design was not out of Calatrava’s comfort zone. He has also designed the City of Arts & Sciences in Valencia which you can see in Disney’s movie ‘Tomorrowland” as well as an extension to the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Connection to Fulton St. Station

The Fulton Street Station subway stop is only a hallway away from the Oculus at the Westfield World Trade Center. This is where you are able to connect to the A/C, 4/5, J/Z, 2/3, and W/R subway lines. The E train does not go through the Fulton Street stop, but it does go to Westfield World Trade Center. In fact, WTC is the last stop on the E train leaving you at the Oculus.

Fulton Street station offers a modern and chic designed space as well as shopping for the visitors. This station is also in a central location of Lower Manhattan so if you are going to the check out tourist spots you will not have to walk to far. You will be very close to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, One World Trade, South Street Seaport, and even the Brooklyn Bridge!

Shopping at Westfield World Trade Center

With over 50 stores in the shopping hub, you will be sure to find what you are looking for (or maybe what you are not?) at the Westfield WTC mall! Here is the complete list of stores. What’s really great about this shopping space is that it is not nearly as crowded as Soho or midtown. The modern design also makes it more enjoyable to spend time at! Most importantly, there are clean and spacious bathrooms! Those can be hard to find in the city at times.

In conclusion, you could make a day of shopping at Westfield World Trade Center, explore the Oculus, and visiting some of the top tourist attractions in NYC! You are even close to the port where you can take a helicopter ride over Manhattan. Check it out below!

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