Village Halloween Parade in NYC

By Selwyn, 19. September 2017
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It is probably the creepiest time of the year in the city that never sleeps. Halloween in New York has a unique atmosphere and we at Loving New York decided to be part of the popular Village Halloween Parade in NYC.

More than 50,000 “zombies, ghosts and other scary creatures” hold a huge parade on October 31st. The Village Halloween Parade starts on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Spring Street and runs all the way to 16th Street in Manhattan. Anyone can participate in the parade in NYC and all you need is a costume.

When is the Village Halloween Parade in NYC?

The Village Halloween Parade will take place on October 31 from 7:00PM–10:30PM.

Where Does the Parade Take Place?

The Village Halloween Parade in NYC will begin on the corner of Sixth Avenue and of Spring Street and will run all the way to 16th Street in Manhattan. Take the C or E train to Spring Street station if you want to participate. If you want to see the spectacle as a spectator, we recommend that you find a spot in the Village along Sixth Avenue and 14th Street (A Train to 14th Street). Subsequently, bars in NYC will be celebrating Halloween as well. Here is a complete guide about the top 10 bars in New York.


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