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By Steffen, 9. January 2017
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New York truly has a lot to offer – from top-notch sporting events to world-renowned musicals and Broadway shows, as well as numerous concerts large and small. We have sampled a little bit of everything: several sporting events, musicals, outdoor concerts in parks etc.

These are all incredible experiences that you should not miss if you get the chance to take part during your trip to NYC. The best part, is that you can buy many tickets for these events in advance. Check out in our experience reports how to do this the fastest, safest, and best way.

Our budget tip: Especially if your are visiting New York for the first time, take a close look at the New York sightseeing passes. These include many attractions, boat cruises, bus tours, etc. Click here for a comparison of the three passes.

Have fun browsing!

Tickets for Events in New York

The New York passes: save up to 70% on attraction tickets

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