The Free Staten Island Ferry

Enjoy your free ride on the Staten Island Ferry

By Steffen, 6. January 2017
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One of the most famous attractions in New York City for tourists is the Staten Island Ferry. The Ferry, which connects Lower Manhattan with Staten Island, runs frequently for 365 days a year. A ride with the ferry is free and the view you get is absolutely amazing.

Get a close up of the Statue of Liberty and enjoy the view of the Lower Manhattans Skyline. For the New Yorkers, the Staten Island Ferry is used for the commute between Staten Island and Manhattan.

Staten Island Ferry

5 Miles in 25 Minutes

The 5 miles long ride takes you approximately 25 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the view. Have your cameras ready and take some amazing pictures when you pass by the Statue of Liberty. In our opinion there is no extra value of taking the ferry to Liberty Island, it is always extremely busy and it is very difficult to take good pictures of the statue from up close. Unless you have specifically booked tickets for the crown, it really doesn’t make sense to take the Liberty Ferry to see just Lady Liberty. The ferry ride with the Staten Island Ferry is also far more relaxing. Find the Ferry Terminal at Battery Park South Street / State Street / St. George Ferry-Terminal.

Staten Island Ferry

Did you know – Interesting facts

The city of New York has been running the Staten Island Ferry since 1905. The ferry wasn’t always free of charge, however, since 1997 the Staten Island Ferry offers the free ride for pedestrians and cyclists. In the past cars were able to use the ferry as well, but since 9/11 the service was suspended due to security issues.

A special ferry was constructed in memory of the victims of 9/11. It was built with steel from The World Trade Center Towers and named to Honour the Spirit and Unity of America after the attacks. It was built to make sure we never forget the victims and the civil servants who died trying to save them.

More than 60.000 passengers take the ferry from Monday to Friday. Every year the ferry runs more than 35.000 times with more than 21 Millions of passengers between the two islands. During the week they have to run five ferries, which do 109 rides per day. On weekends 3 are usually enough to cater to all those travelling from Manhattan to Staten Island. This is partially due to the fact that the ferry is used more as an attraction for torists on the weekend compared to being used as a transportation method between the two islands during the week.

Our tips & tricks for the perfect Staten Island Ferry ride

For the best view over Manhattan on the way to Staten Island take a seat in the back of the ferry. If you’re going back to Manhattan pick your spot at the front of the ferry. If you follow this advice, you’ll be able to shoot some amazing pictures of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and the Surrounding Waters. During fall and winter time make sure to wrap up – its windy out there! Take your seat inside of the ferry to avoid most of the wind.Staten_Island_Ferry-1600x960

The Free Staten Island Ferry
Address1 Bay Street
Staten Island
NY 10301
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