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By Steffen, 13. January 2019
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We get a lot of questions about the New York passes, whether or not they are worth the initial investment, and what our own experiences are when it comes to using them. We won’t just give you our opinion on the passes however, we asked everyone on our Facebook page to tell us about their experiences and we have included some of these below.

Our experiences using a New York Pass

We stumbled upon the New York Pass by accident on our third visit to New York. I had never heard of these sightseeing passes before and was rather skeptical. I wasn’t sure if it would really include everything that I wanted to see. It appears as though I am not the only one, which our current survey confirmed. I was quickly persuaded however and since then have bought a New York Pass for EVERY visit. On average, we saved $160 per person with each pass ! To arrive at this number I went through all my old photos and reviewed our New York Trips which started in 2006 with Tino. Thankfully, Tino truly has the memory of an elephant – he remembers absolutely everything and can retrieve any tidbit of information.

We’ve seen lots of attractions and have been on many tours during every time of the year – we’ve visited New York in spring, summer, fall, and winter. Just as every season has its special magic, so do the tours and sights. This is one of the things I have learned from traveling: if you find yourself in New York again, go ahead and take a tour that you really enjoyed a second time. You’ll see that you have a completely different perspective of the city!

The New York Pass is the perfect choice if you:

  • plan on seeing 2-3 attractions or going on 2-3 tours per day
  • want to choose from a large selection of sights and tours
  • are in New York for the first, second, or third time
  • want to have the most Fast Tracks / Fast Lanes possible (this is a great time saver!)
  • don’t want to worry about your travel budget while in New York

Try our free New York Pass Adviser to find out which pass is best for you!

New York Pass Reviews

We bought a New York Pass for our visit in 2016 as well – and our experience with it was again positive. We planned out our trip in advance and had a pretty good idea as to what we wanted to do in New York and which entry tickets would be included in the pass. One instance in particular reminded us why we like this pass so much: one night at 1:00am, we spontaneously decided to go up to the observation deck of the Empire State Building again. And the decision was easy because the ticket was included in the pass and already paid for!

Since this was our 11th trip to New York and we had bought a pass for several days, we did not save quite as much money as on our 2015 trip as we had already covered many attractions included in the pass. We therefore highly recommend to carefully review your planned attractions/tours on your first, second, and third trips to New York in relationship to the New York Pass and calculate how much money you will be saving. Click here for everything you need to know about the New York Pass. You can also use our handy savings calculator to see exactly how much money each pass can save you on your trip to NYC.

New York Pass reviews by other travellers

We are not the only ones who can report positive experiences with the New York Pass – many of our Facebook fans are familiar with the pass and have reaped its benefits on their New York vacations. So we didn’t just want to give you our opinion – but also feedback from others.

Here is a section of the comments we received to the question “What are your experiences with the New York Pass?”:

Christiane Martin:

Currently, we have one for the second time. And it is definitely worth it…

Michael Buchholz:

The best pass for first-time visitors to New York !!!!

Magdalene Izabela Kämpfer:

We got the 3-day pass and crammed as much in as we possibly could – and it was definitely worth the money !

Maria Chingovana:

We had the pass for 7 days and it was really a great deal. Approx. $200 in savings is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Nicole Walter:

We had the 3-day pass and it was well worth it! We saved more than $200! We highly recommend it 🙂

Katharina Sperlich:

We got the 5-day pass. I calculated that we saved $240!

Ossi Linke:

We had the 7-day pass and saved about $200.

Martina Philippi:

We love it !!! We already bought one twice (both times the maximum days) and were extremely satisfied. We always recommend getting one !!!

As you can tell from these comments, getting a New York Pass only makes sense if you want to see more than a total of just 2-3 sights.

Compared to the two other sightseeing passes (compare passes now), the New York Pass is not the cheapest. But it offers the most attractions in its portfolio, and by far includes the most Fast Lane access (these allow you to bypass regular ticket lines at attractions – a real time saver).

Thomas Rieck:

We got a pass for seven days and, overall, you could say that it was worth it. Buying individual tickets would have cost the same, since we couldn’t get to everything.

Thomas Planinger:

It was worth it for us. I was sceptical at first on account of the high price tag … But I have to say that it gave us the chance to see attractions that we would never have visited otherwise (for example, Madame Tussauds).

Be No:

Definitely recommendable, provided you want to see a lot of attractions.

Bottom Line about the New York Pass

New York Attraction Pass


We have had positive experiences with the New York Pass – and not just once. And as you can see from the comments of others, we are not the only ones. You will see that by picking the right pass, you can definitely extend your travel budget.

Therefore our bottom line is: thumbs up!

You can buy the New York Pass online and can double your savings through online discounts!


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