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By Steffen, 10. January 2017
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New York Islanders Guide 2017

Die New York Islanders are a franchise in the National Hockey League (NHL) and are one of three ice hockey teams in the New York metropolitan area.

My New York Islanders Guide 2017 contains everything you need to know about the New York Islanders:

The New York Islanders

hockey_-islanders-smallThe New York Islanders are one of three NHL teams that have made their home in the New York metropolitan area. Their glory days were during the 1980’s, but the fans and the atmosphere at the games have lost none of their luster. If you are looking to see great hockey and a wild game atmosphere, then head to an Islanders game!

New York Islanders History and Successes

The New York Islanders were founded in 1972 and reached the top of the rankings in short order. The team was made up of young, daring players that won just about every prize in ice hockey in the 1980’s. A total of 6 division titles, 6 conference titles, and 4 Stanley Cup Championships – all in the course of only 9 years.

Up until today, the New York Islanders have not been able to repeat their former successes due to mismanagement. While they often make it to the play-offs, they are not Stanly Cup contenders. But the fans don’t really care – the atmosphere at games is always at a fever pitch and opponents dread playing the Islanders on account of the noise and enthusiasms of the fans!

Buy Your New York Islanders Tickets

To get a good deal on ticket prices for a New York Islanders game in NYC, your best option is a ticket resale site. We work with to make sure that you find the best prices for your tickets.

Ticketnetwork also often has tickets long after official event websites have sold out. Buying your tickets here is convenient and secure!

Is buying tickets from safe?

  • Yes, we have purchased tickets through many times ourselves and so have readers of Loving New York – We have had nothing but positive feedback.
  • Should you wish to check on Ticketnetwork’s security statement, you can do so in the FAQ of their website here.

New York Islanders Game

How much do the tickets cost? Compared to the other two NY NHL teams, Islanders tickets are cheap: prices start at $15, but these are only for the upper rows. Good seats cost $80 to $150.

Where are the best seats? The best seats for the money are located in sections 223, 225 as well as 207 and 209. These seats give you a great view of the ice and, most importantly, allow you to see the puck! I personally do not care for the seats behind the goals. In my opinion, the view of the ice is much better from the side.

 New York Islanders Tickets Seating

Is buying tickets via safe?

  • Yes, and there are several reasons for this: they are one of the largest online ticket providers,
  • offer a 100% money back guarantee if your ticket does not arrive on time or your game is postponed, and
  • we have tried them ourselves and had a positive experience!

Payment is via credit card. This is safe, quick, secure, and tried and approved by us! To make sure you are getting tickets for a home game, check to see that the location indicates “Barclays Center” or the Islanders are the team that is named first.

Sometimes, when you order tickets on short notice, you may also have the option of picking them up at will call at the ticket counter at the stadium right before the game. You will see if this option is available to you when you buy the tickets. If the Islanders do not have a home game during your stay in New York, check out the schedules of the two other NHL teams in the area: the New York Rangers or the New Jersey Devils.


Schedule of Games

The current New York Islanders game schedule is posted on this page: simply click on the link and select your desired game!

If the Islanders do not have a home game during your stay in New York, check out the schedules of the two other NHL teams in the area: the New York Rangers or the New Jersey Devils!


Where do the New York Islanders play?

Until 2014 the Islanders played in one of only three stadiums in the NHL that have not sold the rights to their name: the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum – aka. Nassau Coliseum. Since 2015 they play at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn (the same stadium where the Brooklyn Nets play).

How do you get to the stadium?

Barclays Center is easily accessible by subway: lines 2, 3, 4, 5, B and Q service the stadium – you can get there in less than 30 minutes. The official name of the station is “Atlantic Av – Barclays Ctr.”. You can’t miss it – just follow the crowds!

When should you arrive at the stadium?

I recommend you get to the stadium one hour before game start. This will allow you to avoid the long wait lines that build right before the game and will also give you a chance to check out the other levels of Barclays Center and watch the players warm up.

Fans & Atmosphere

New York Islanders fans have the reputation of being very loud and very enthusiastic. The atmosphere at a game is guaranteed to be wild. But go ahead and take a look for yourself with this video:

New York Islanders Guide – Summary

  • Buy Islanders tickets online: you will get a better deal and buying tickets via is 100% safe.
  • The best seats for the money are located in sections 223, 225 as well as 207 and 209.
  • Get there one hour before first pitch
  • Destination: Barclays Center / subway station name “Atlantic Av – Barclays Ctr.”
New York Islanders Tickets
Address620 Atlantic Ave
NY 11217
Public transportationAtlantic Avenue / Barclays Cente
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