New Year’s Eve in New York City

By , 23. January 2017
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Celebrating New Year’s Eve among the bright, gigantic billboards and with the trendiest musical acts in the world is a dream come true for many. Check out your options here, you can do anything from joining the big party in Times Square to ringing in the New Year a little more quietly in Central Park or while cruising the Hudson.

These are our tips for a great New Year’s Eve in New York – whether you want to join a massive party or do something a little more relaxed. New York truly as something for everyone.

New Years Eve NYC Firework

1. New Year’s Eve in New York at Times Square

For many, it is the No. 1 destination. If you want to celebrate your New Year’s Eve Times Square, you will need stamina and the right clothing. December in New York is very cold and the longer you stay outside, the more you will realise what you are wearing will only protect you from the cold for so long. A New Year’s Eve without alcohol and fireworks with potentially some very cold feet and a long wait is not for the faint hearted. For hundreds of thousands of people, that is not a problem every year. The wait in line for the legendary ball drop begins at 12:00 noon. You should get to Times Square no later than 3:00p.m. because after that, it is closed off. At that point in time, you can leave, but can’t get back in. Even medium sized bags are not allowed (this includes backpacks), small ones are searched, and alcohol is strictly prohibited.

If you give up your hard-fought position, for instance to go to the bathroom – too bad. Nonetheless, the ball drop and other festivities at New York’s Times Square make it THE New Year’s Eve bash. Between sets of the mega stars, people are dancing and singing, and at midnight, there is a chorus of “New York, New York” and many shed tears of joy. All the information about the big party at Times Square as well as other festivities near Times Square can be found here.

2. The Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn

Brooklyn has been the antidote to overcrowded Manhattan for many years. On New Year’s Eve, Brooklyn puts on a great celebration at Grand Army Plaza. Many tourists have started to opt for this New Year’s Eve alternative. This is largely due to the first class view of the fireworks. For fifteen minutes, the sky is illuminated above Long Meadow, the large clearing in Prospect Park. Music, drinks and great food are, of course, also part of the fun. Read more about the party at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn here.

3. Brooklyn Bridge on New Year’s Eve

New Years Eve NYC Firework

The famous Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most popular tourist attractions all year round. It is used daily by thousands of pedestrians, bikers, joggers, and cars each day. On the last day of the year, the Brooklyn Bridge is even more of a magical place than it usually is. A brisk walk across the bridge just before midnight towards Manhattan (take the A Train to Dumbo and get out at High Street) is something you won’t forget anytime soon. The advantage of the bridge is that you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the New York skyline for free. The only disadvantage is the freezing wind that blows across the East River in winter. However, I am sure that the beautiful sight will warm your heart.


4. New Year’s Eve in New York on the water

New York offers fun activities on the water year round and New Year’s Eve is not exception. Boat tour operators offer a very special program with food drinks and fireworks. A seat on board will ensure amazing views of the Statue of Liberty surrounded by fireworks and a grandiose view of the southern tip of Manhattan. Ringing in the New Year on board a New Year’s Eve cruise is definitely worth a try.

The floating club provides everything you need for a perfect transition into the new year: a bar, a DJ, finger food, champagne, souvenirs, and the live broadcast of the ball drop at Times Square. Does it get any better than that?

New Years Eve NYC Firework

5. New Year’s Eve in New York in Central Park

For many athletes in New York, the New Year’s Eve run in Central Park is the real deal. Instead of champagne and sequin dresses, you will find a jogger’s paradise at night. At the stroke of midnight, the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run begins. During the event, which is sponsored by the New York Road Runners, participants complete a course of approx. 4 miles and run into the new year. For many this probably seems like a strange concept, however for those of you who are a true runner at heart this is the dream.

Prior to the race, there is big party complete with laser show, fireworks, and lots of music. Fireworks start at midnight at the Naumburg band shell – a concert stage located in Central Park (between 66th and 72nd Street). More information about the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run can be found here.

Also: every rooftop bar and every restaurant runs specials on New Year’s Eve. Just look up the website of the respective restaurant and plan your perfect New Year’s Eve in New York.

Regulations for teens (16-21)

In New York you are not allowed to drink if you are under the age of 21, not even a midnight toast. Therefore, admission to most of the parties is denied to those under the age of 21. New Year’s Eve in New York only for those 21+ of age? There are a few exceptions: Chevy’s Times Square, Times Scare TSQ, and Bowlmor Times Square are good alternatives if you have individuals younger than 21 in your party.

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