Get A Laugh At These Top 5 Comedy Clubs In NYC

The Top 5 Comedy Clubs In NYC Welcome You Every Night Of The Week!

Comedy clubs are one of the many things NYC is famous for. From uprising stars to well-seasoned comedians, the city offers comedy shows every night of the week – many of which are outstanding. Even better is that many of them are free or almost free. While walking down the road you are bound to be invited into some (which is how we found some of our favorite nights) we have made you a list of the best comedy clubs in NYC so you don’t have to go hunt for yourself. Check out the top 5 comedy clubs in NYC below:

  • Comedy Cellar

Comedy Cellar was founded in 1982 by Bill Grundfest who was then a standup comedian. He is currently a television writer and producer. This is one of the Top 5 comedy clubs because you never know what celebrities will show up! Most recently, Kevin Hart has been there to perform! Every night of the week there are 2-4 shows that are typically full if that tells you anything about the satisfaction of this place. Definitely one of the top 5 comedy clubs in NYC!

Comedy Cellar also has multiple shows a week at other venues. They host performances at the MacDougle St. Comedy Cellar, Village Underground, and the Fat Black Pussycat right down the street. For a full list of the show times for each location, click here. Another couple of notes to make are that the comedian lineup can change without notice once you make your reservation and if you are planning to bring an 18-20-year-old to the venue, you must contact Comedy Cellar before the show. If you are looking to go with a large group, please know that groups larger than 8 people will not be able to get in due to noise complaints. The Comedy Cellar also offers classes M-Th + Sa/Su if you are looking to become a stand-up comedian! For more information, click here.

  • Gotham Comedy Club

Another one of the top 5 comedy clubs in NYC is Gotham Comedy Club. Two New York natives, Chris Mazzilli and Michael Reisman opened this club in May 1996 because they wanted to create a comedy venue that was different from the rest. Little did they know how much success they were going to have! Their comedy club became the backdrop for various TV shows and films such as Jerry Seinfeld’s 2002 Miramax film “Comedian” and Larry David’s pilot of “Curb Your Enthusiasm. They have also welcomed comedians such as Dave Chapelle, Lewis Black, and Colin Quinn (to name a few) to perform here.

Like most comedy clubs in New York, they do have a two-drink minimum policy when you are at the show. Their show schedule includes 1-5 shows per day. For the full schedule, click here! Gotham Comedy Club also offers classes for people who would like to learn and perfect stand-up comedy. For more details, click here.

  • The Stand

The Stand NYC is another comedy club in New York that has performances 2-3 times per day! It is known as one of the top 5 comedy clubs in NYC due to the stars they have featured. Dane Cook, Bill Burr, Artie Lange, Gilbert Gottfried, Colin Quinn, Judah Friedlander, Janeane Garofalo, Nick DiPaolo and more have graced the stage here at The Stand. Due to having big-name acts come through, their tickets can range from $5-$25 per show.

The Stand also has a restaurant for guests to enjoy right upstairs. Others who have written reviews about this club always mention how that is a plus. You can also order your food to your table downstairs so you can enjoy it during the show. The Stand is also known to give off a very authentic New York City feel when you visit. Grab your Yankee’s hat and enjoy! For a full schedule, click here.

  • Tribeca Comedy Lounge

Tribeca Comedy Lounge is not only of the top 5 comedy clubs in NYC, but they are also known for their great food. The lounge came to fruition through an idea of a joint venture. Why not create a great place for comedy along with great food? The menu here has been developed by one of New York’s greatest chef’s, Gran Morsi.

Something that stands out here at Tribeca Comedy Lounge is that they do a great job of having performers with all very different comedic styles perform during a show. You truly get a variety as a guest. For their full schedule and more about their comedians click here. The Lounge also has a two drink minimum, but the tickets to the event are fairly cheap. There are also coupons online that you can search for that will help reduce the cost!

  • Broadway Comedy Club

Al Martin, a comedian himself, is responsible for launching many careers for top performers due to opening the Broadway Comedy Club in 1988. During his career he became a headliner in multiple TV shows and also stood out in the comedy industry through serving as the VP of the Professional Comedians Association. His talents and knowledge has helped gain a spot as one of the top 5 comedy clubs in NYC!

When you walk in you may think that the venue has seen better days, but the acts really do make up for it! It’s one of New York’s best shows and one of the most historic places. For their full weekly schedule click here. They also give others the opportunity to perform during open mic night. If you are looking to gain experience within the industry, this is a great place for you to practice!


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