The Top 10 Bars In NYC Right Now

Be Sure To Visit These Top 10 Bars In NYC!

New York City is full of bars to go to, but some definitely stand out among the others! With all the different types of bars in the city, there is bound to be 1 from this list of top 10 bars in NYC that you will enjoy! Whether you are looking for the cheapest drinks at a dive bar or an excellent view from a rooftop, New York has it and we have reviewed it!

Speakeasies | Some of the top 10 best bars in New York are hidden… literally!

  • Please Don’t Tell

This is one of the top 10 bars in NYC and a speakeasy. To get in, you must walk through Crif Dog’s hotdog shop on St. Marks and go up to the phone booth to ring the doorbell. From there you will be let into a hidden bar that has great cocktails and a calm vibe. Part of the experience is 1. just getting in and then 2. watching the mixologists make the intriguing cocktails. Reservations are hard to come by, but it’s worth the wait! Call at 3pm and keep dialing until you get through to make a reservation for the same day.

Top 10 Bars NYC

  • Death & Co.

This East Village speakeasy is known for mixologists enthusiasts and professionals. There is no secret door, but the wooden door has a very small marking on it on the outside so it could be hard to miss. They also do not let anyone stand in line outside where the host is, but they will take your contact information if you do have to wait. Once inside, you will notice how easily it is to lose track of time in there. Like a casino, there are no windows so you have no idea of what is going on outside. Death and CO. does not take reservations, first come first serve. 

  • The Garret

Located in West Village, The Garret sits above a 5 Guys that you must walk through. Beware you may want to buy a burger while you are in there as well! You will walk up a stair case in the back of 5 Guys that will take you to this speakeasy like bar, The Garret. As one of New York’s best, don’t be surprised if there is not a lot of room at the bar. They do offer seating away from the bar though! Their drink menu is not huge, but you can also ask them to make something if you would like. The service is great! To guarantee a seat, go during off peak hours or enjoy some time in 5 Guys while you wait if it’s busy!

Outside | Another couple of the top 10 best bars in NYC are outdoors!

  • The Frying Pan

Get a tan and enjoy your self at The Frying Pan! This is one of the top 10 bars in NYC that is located along, well in, the Hudson River. This bar has a seasonal schedule due to it being outside, but it opens May 1 and stays open until October. It is a very popular spot come summertime! They also offer food along with their fully stocked bar. To make the best of your visit, be sure to get there earlier rather than later if you want a table.

Top 10 Bars NYC

  • Ear Inn

The Ear Inn is another one of New York City’s oldest bars which is located on Spring St. in Lower Manhattan. We are here to be the friend to tell you about this bar. Most people don’t think about going there unless their friend talks about it. It’s a great place to have a low key fun time and enjoy being able to drink out on the sidewalk. They also have a great food selection people rave about. (check out yelp for some pretty comical reviews!) Great for large groups!

Classics | These three oldest bars are definitely part of the top 10 best bars in NYC!

  • McSorley’s Old Ale House

This is the oldest beer hall in New York City! As a top 10 bar in NYC, this East Village bar is a place you do not want to miss out on. If you don’t love beer it may not be the best place for you, but if you end up here with a group of friends it is a ton of fun. (They do have water/soda) You also can’t beat having a light or dark beer for $2.50! This bar also holds 150 years of history inside upon it’s walls. If you love beer and history, this is the place for you! If you are going with a large group expect to share a table with others and/or wait for a table.

Top 10 Bars NYC

  • Rudy’s Bar and Grill

This is a less talking more drinking type of dive bar located in Hell’s Kitchen! Rudy’s is a historic dive bar that Al Capone used to visit back in the 20s. It started as a speakeasy due to not have their liquor license, but they were able to attain a license after Prohibition ended in 1933. During happy hour you will find a large crowd at this bar as they have a cheap menu as well as free hotdogs when you purchase a drink! Rudy’s may be frequently crowded, but always for good reasons. Be aware that they only take cash!

Rooftops | Enjoy the best bars with an outdoor view!

  • The Jimmy

The Jimmy is a rooftop bar located in The James Hotel in Tribeca. With a beautiful view of the Freedom Tower and the Hudson River, you are in for a treat. Another nice addition to this rooftop is that there is indoor and outdoor seating. There is a even a small pool in the middle of the outdoor terrace that you can enjoy during the day! Come here during happy hour and watch the sun set! 

Top 10 Bars NYC

  • The Skylark

The Skylark Cocktail Lounge lies 30 stories up over looking Times Square, the Hudson River, and the best of midtown Manhattan. They serve some of the finest cocktails and light fare that are perfect for after work hours. When going here be sure to be dressed up a little bit as many people will be coming straight from their office. During the Summer, enjoy the indoor and outdoor views that will simply take your breath away. During the Winter season you can still enjoy from the multi-level indoor spaces. This is definitely worth stopping by for a drink or two! 

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