Tiger Sugar in Chinatown NYC

Taiwanese Brand Opens a New Location in Chinatown NYC

There’s this craze with bubble tea that has been sweeping the US for years now and another spot just opened up in Chinatown NYC. The popular Tiger Sugar boba shop opened an additional location in New York City. There are now three locations with one in Brooklyn, Flushing (Queens) and now Chinatown. So, with the many bubble tea/milk tea shops out there, what differentiates this spot from the rest?

What is Tiger Sugar?


Tiger Sugar is a popular brand that originates from Taiwan and has over 40 locations worldwide. What makes their milk tea so special? They’re known for their milk tea with added dark brown sugar syrup that creates these stripes. When you add this syrup with the milk tea, the stripes kind of resembles tiger stripes. It looks enticing, but the question is, is it good?

For what it is, yes, it was delicious. However, we waited for an hour (granted it was the grand opening) and I believe no one should ever wait for an hour on line for milk tea with sugar. With that being said, if you do want a nice little treat for yourself, then definitely stop by Chinatown in NYC to grab yourself some Tiger Sugar. Also, the boba that comes with it has a hint of brown sugar as well which gives the drink a nice little touch.

Multiple Locations in NYC

If you’re not anywhere near Chinatown, there are other locations in NYC. There’s one in Flushing, Queens (40-10 #A, Main St, Flushing, NY 11354) and one in Brooklyn (5903 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220). For more information, please visit their website here.

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