Dine Like A Broadway Star: 24 Amazing NYC Theater District Restaurants

Must-Try Restaurants To Check Out in NYC's Theater District

When you’ve got Broadway tickets in your hand, make an evening of it with dinner at one of the best Theater District restaurants. Go for something fancy and elegant, or keep things casual. The options for dining are endless, giving you the chance to just have a quick bite, create an epic date night or have a fun evening out with friends in New York.

If you’re running late, there are some quick options in the bustling Theater District. For those that prefer a full dining experience, be sure to make reservations to prevent a long wait or entirely missing out before the show. With later dining hours, you can wait until after your Broadway play to avoid the rush altogether. And who knows, you might even meet one of the Broadway stars here?!

These Are The 24 Best NYC Theater District Restaurants To Enjoy

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    Eat in a spectacular dining room at The Terrace!

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    For something that is both casual and elegant, look no further than the Terrace and Outdoor Gardens in the Edition Times Square Hotel. This French brasserie-inspired Theater District restaurant is a true gem with a bounty of homemade pastas like the broccoli cacio e pepe. Choose from steaks and chops for meat lovers, or indulge in the vegan carrot Bolognese. There’s even a pre-theatre menu that offers three courses, including decadent desserts. Each bite is sure to bring you bliss, though plan on going before your Broadway show since dinner runs until 9:30pm.

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    Eat classic Japanese dishes in NYC at The Chemistry Room

    Japanese Restaurant in Theatre District
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    For a modern twist on Japanese cuisine, don’t miss The Chemistry Room. It’s just a quick walk away from Rockefeller Center and one of the most unique Theater District restaurants with an apt blend of influence from France and Italy melded into its omakase tasting menus. Take a journey for your senses with a 15-course chef’s tasting menu as omakase is intended, where the chef curates an intimate dining experience that will leave your mouth watering with desire. This is an excellent restaurant for adventurous diners.

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    Go to Sushi by Bou for authentic Japanese Sushi in NYC

    Japanese Restaurant in Theatre District
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    Another option for omakase at one of the best Theater District restaurants is at Sushi By Bou. The quality of the fish is astounding, something you’ll be sure to notice as the chef impresses you with 12- or 17-course omakase delights. This timed tasting may be best reserved for after your show, allowing you to take your time and indulge every sense. Craft beverages offered here make an exceptional pairing for what these master sushi chefs will serve.

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    ICHIRAN Ramen Times Square

    Japanese Restaurant in Theatre District
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    While there are other locations of ICHIRAN, the one in Times Square is the perfect stop for a quick and satisfying tonkotsu ramen experience. Forget what you know about ramen and enjoy it on an unparalleled level, crafted with natural pork-bone soup, house-made noodles, and original aged spicy red sauce for a deeper and richer flavor. What makes this one of the best Theater District restaurants for those who habitually run late to Broadway shows is that each bowl is served within 15 seconds of it being prepared. Each seat is deliberately placed within arm’s reach to assure that the noodles are the optimum texture for your dining pleasure, making it ideal for a quick bite.

    Good news for all the vegetarians out there: they offer a delicious vegetarian ramen too!

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    Book a table at Le Bernardin near Broadway

    French Restaurant in Theatre District
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    For a fancier dining experience in the Theater District, head to Le Bernardin. This Michelin-starred French restaurant is the ultimate for luxurious seafood dishes before your show. You’ll need to plan well in advance for this restaurant since it’s hard to get a reservation. Choose a four-course meal or go with a Chef’s Tasting. There’s also a Vegetable Tasting for the meatless crowd. The a la carte also offers a way to experience the cuisine in a slightly more affordable way, but if you’re here, splurge. Le Bernardin is definitely worth it.

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    La Grande Boucherie in NYC's Theater District

    French Restaurant in Theatre District
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    Consistently named as one of the best Theater District restaurants, La Grande Boucherie is another French dining destination with the vibe of a classic steakhouse. With ample seating, the timeless bistro food along with seafood and dry-aged steaks are sure to indulge your palate. Be sure to grab something off the extensive drinks menu, particularly one of the absinthe-fueled cocktails.

    I personally love the Chateaubriand Pour Deux with mashed potatoes and bone marrow bordelaise! That’s so much more than just food!

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    Go to Gallaghers Steakhouse for a great dinner before the Broadway show

    Steak Restaurant in Theatre District
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    Over 80 years ago, this place was a speakeasy. Now Gallaghers Steakhouse is easily one of the best restaurants in NYC. Beautiful cuts of meat aged on-site along with signature cocktails are worthy of every penny you spend. You’ll find seafood, fresh raw bar selections, and scrumptious desserts. Do not miss the prime rib roast, available on a first come, first served basis. The clams casino is another divine option perfect for starting your meal. Additionally, you should know that Gallaghers encourages a classier dress code, and reservations are highly recommended to avoid missing out on this revered Theater District dining experience.

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    Ippudo Westside: Eat amazing ramen & other Japanese dishes

    Japanese Restaurant in Theatre District
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    Another way to discover the delights of ramen is at Ippudo Westside. Serving up scalding bowls of the tonkotsu ramen variety, this secret house specialty provides a silky, savory broth. At this more spacious Times Square venue than its sister location on the East Side, you won’t want to miss ordering some pork buns or a shochu cocktail while you await the main event. The flavorful possibilities are endless here with your ramen, though be sure you stir that chili paste in once it arrives for the ultimate taste sensation.

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    For Broadway enthusiasts: Gayle's Broadway Rose

    American Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan
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    Gayle’s Broadway Rose features singing waiters and waitresses that will sing classic and modern Broadway hits to you while you indulge yourself in a delicious and fancy-looking milkshake.

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    Rosevale Kitchen offers a cozy dining room & a nice bar in NYC's Theater District

    American Restaurant in Theatre District
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    In the Civilian Hotel in the Theater District, you’ll find Rosevale Kitchen on the first floor of this two-story establishment. Start at the Cocktail Room above and drink some classic cocktails or delve right into the kitchen for American fare with an elevated flair. The sommelier-curated wine list will surely pair perfectly with your meal. With a setting akin to a Rockwell painting, it’s playful yet upscale all at once. Don’t miss the Caesar salad with a creamy, indulgent dressing. The orange duck and the blackened sea bass are other often raved about choices that will leave you with no regrets. You will have an amazing dinner before your Broadway show!

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    Drink some classic cocktails at Mom's Kitchen & Bar before a Broadway Show

    American Restaurant in Theatre District
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    Go retro and have fun with the classic diner vibes at Mom’s Kitchen and Bar. This casual Theater District eatery boasts an all day brunch every day alongside classic dishes like burgers, sandwiches, and steaks. The cocktails are exceptional, though if you can’t decide between those or one of the decadent bigmouth shakes, you don’t have to. The shakes can all be made boozy for just $7 more. If you’re grabbing a bite with friends before heading to the show, this is the perfect casual destination in the Theater District.

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    Walk to Ponche Taqueria to eat some Mexican food in NYC

    Mexican Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    Right in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen in NYC, you’ll satisfy those cravings for Mexican cuisine at Ponche Taqueria. The pescado taco is one of the most popular menu items, made with tempura mahi-mahi and a chipotle remoulade. Topped with pickled cabbage, it has all the textural elements and flavors to excite your taste buds. The burritos are also a life-changing experience in this contemporary Mexican restaurant which has reasonable prices, ideal for those who splurged on those Broadway tickets.

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    Find some great Happy Hour Deals at Aqua Boil

    Sea Food Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    Aqua Boil is a Hell’s Kitchen restaurant that you will want to plan on dining at AFTER your Broadway experience. This casual Cajun-inspired place is going to leave you messy, but that’s such a good thing. It’s a fun and vibrant place where you choose your catch from a bounty of seafood like crawfish, mussels, or even a whole Dungeness crab. You then choose your sauce and heat level of spices. You’ll love every messy bite of this interactive eating experience. Reservations are limited, but the waitlist may be an alternative.

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    Kyuramen Times Square

    Japanese Restaurant in Theatre District
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    The founder of Kyuramen carefully studied Japanese ramen to make the most unique ramen dishes. With an interior that makes you feel like you wandered into a traditional ramen restaurant in the middle of Japan, you’ll feel even cozier once the food arrives. Try a combination that gives you a little of everything to get the ultimate experience at Kyuramen.

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    Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

    Japanese Restaurant in Theatre District
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    Take the bull by the horns and indulge in Japanese barbecue meat with that special charcoal char on the exterior. Gyu-Kaku means exactly that – the horn of the bull, and it is the place in the Theater District NYC where a miso-marinated skirt steak is going to steal your heart. The kalbi short ribs are also a fine option. Pair with sake, shochu, or cold beers, and order some sushi to nibble on while you await your barbecued meats.

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    Etcetera Etcetera is one of the best Italian Restaurants in Theater District

    Italian Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
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    With a sleek and intimate interior, this sublime neighborhood spot offers innovative seasonal menus. You’ll find homemade basil spaghetti with crab to really impress or the melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi. For meat lovers, don’t miss the grilled skirt steak. Everyone truly loves the burrata, a dreamy way to begin your dining experience. Be sure to save room for the desserts in this Italian fine dining establishment, particularly the crème brûlée.

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    Carmine's Italian Restaurant

    Italian Restaurant in Theatre District
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    Carmine’s consistently tops the list for the best family-style restaurants. For huge portions of Italian food, this is the ideal spot for a meal that hits the spot. The four-pasta platter may be the perfect option for families or a gathering of friends, giving you a heaping taste of different flavors. Otherwise you may want to go for something just a hint smaller or wind up lugging leftovers into the theater. The Titanic is a dessert you will need a whole boat crew to help you eat, not something advised for a couple on a night out but certainly something that four or more could try to sink. Reservations for this location are urged, so make them well in advance.

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    STK Steakhouse Midtown NYC

    Steak Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan
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    The pinnacle of perfection, STK Steakhouse of the Theater District embodies the traditions of a classic steakhouse. You won’t want to miss the selection of steak which includes wagyu along with every other cut you’d like to sink your teeth into. Add king crab Oscar, STK zingy rub, or even lobster on top, or keep it simple with the surf and turf. Chicken, seafood, and vegetarian options are available on the menu too. It doesn’t get much better than this polished place for the quintessential steakhouse experience.

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    Tony's Pizza is famous all over New York City!

    Italian Restaurant in Theatre District
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    Another family-style restaurant for Italian cuisine, Tony’s Di Napoli offers up heaping plates that easily serve 2 to 3 people of family style Italian where the plates serve 2 to 3 people. Dig in, share, laugh, and love, the Italian way right in the heart of the Theater District. While everything on the menu is a palate pleaser, you won’t want to miss Tony’s meatballs or the baked ziti Napolitano. The fried calamari is also sensational with a crispy exterior that isn’t greasy, giving way to an interior with the perfect texture. Or how about a delicious plate of pasta? There is a wide selection of pasta dishes on the menu and and if needed you can get gluten free or whole wheat pasta. Reservations are recommended.

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    Yard House

    American Restaurant in Theatre District
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    The Yard House is a popular casual spot off Broadway where the classic rock theme and American-style dishes keep diners coming back. Boasting the world’s largest selection of draft beer, you’ll find a sublime match with the burgers, seafood, and ample options for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free eaters. Aside from the big burgers, the Nashville hot chicken is another menu item that everyone loves. If you’ve got the kids along to treat them to a Broadway play, the Yard House is a family-friendly option that truly has something for everyone. The happy hour is also sure to please.

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    Milos Estiatorio

    Other Restaurants in Midtown Manhattan
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    Milos Estiatorio is an award winning Mediterranean restaurant that puts a laser focus on fresh seafood. This high-end Greek dining experience exudes warm hospitality within an open space dining room that whisks you from the busy streets of the Theater District right to the Mediterranean coast. Family-style sharing is encouraged with the fresh seafood in simple preparations alongside artisanal ingredients. It’s elegant and refined, a true way to escape the city without the need for a passport.

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    How about a delicious menu at Quality Bistro

    French Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan
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    With gold detailing that astounds, Quality Bistro is an elegant French restaurant with all the trimmings yet a cozy quality in the dining room that feels inviting rather than stuffy. Choose from the extensive wine list of 400 bottles and let the six-layer caviar dip start your meal. The filet mignon and French onion soup are also splendid options, but do not skip the tableside butter service. This takes bread and butter to a level you didn’t know existed, complete with hors d’oeuvres that are beyond your expectations. Make this your date night spot for a pre show meal and you will not be disappointed with this Broadway dining.

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    Bocca di Bacco belongs to the best Italian restaurants in NYC

    Italian Restaurant in Theatre District
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    Perhaps you’ll run into a few celebrities at Bocca di Bacco, but even if not, you’ll love the experience before or after your Broadway play. The creative Italian cuisine you’ll find here indulges with homemade pastas as well as meats and seafood. I can really recommend the pasta dishes!

    Wine lovers will absolutely adore the vast selection that includes 500 bottles from the most renowned wineries in Italy. It is most assuredly one of the best Italian restaurants that you won’t want to miss while in New York City.

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    Make sure to get a table at Nobu Fifty Seven for some epic Japanese food

    Japanese Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan
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    From famed chef Nobu Matsuhisa, you’ll be getting the same signature Japanese cuisine that combines the modern style with the classic dishes. The wood-burning oven and hibachi table create epic experiences amid the splendor of designs that all evoke a particular vibe of Asian harmony from nature. Try the sashimi salad and the black cod with miso for a few of many treasured favorites crafted by the chef. This is definitely not one of the largest restaurants but you will enjoy your time here!

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    Have a drink at the bar or enjoy the prix fixe menu at The Modern

    American Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan
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    With the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa), you’ll discover a formal dining experience. The prix fixe menu created by chef Thomas Allan combined refined contemporary cuisine in a simply astounding setting that gazes upon the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden. With a seasonal menu that evolves often along with wine pairings, The Modern has earned two Michelin stars. It’s a wonderful experience though if you can’t reservations, the bar there is also a great option with its own selection of gastronomic delights. They also offer some nice outdoor tables.

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