The VOID – Virtual Reality Experience in NYC (CLOSED)

So real it's surreal!

The VOID in NYC is my latest discovery in the city and one that I was thrilled to participate in. Here’s what you need to know about the VOID’s virtual reality experience as well as some helpful tips.

UPDATE (11/9): The VOID NYC popup inside the Oculus is now closed. Once we have information about a permanent location, we will be sure to share it with you.

What is The VOID?

The VOID in NYC offers participants the ability to enter a surreal landscape as they engage in a fully-immersive, whole-body virtual reality experience. The critically acclaimed company has just entered the market in New York after already establishing itself in several other markets around the globe.

What makes The VOID so unique?

The VOID Star wars
The VOID Star Wars Experience

As compared to other VR establishments in NYC,  the VOID provides a unique user experience in which participants are immersed fully in the mission they are tasked to carry out. Unlike other VR arcades in which there are multiple games on offer, the VOID feels more like a cross between a Disney ride and an escape room in the types of mechanics that are used to impress you during your visit.

At the VOID, each player is outfitted with a VR helmet and vest which help provide the hardware necessary. Instead of a controller that would most commonly be used when playing a VR game, the VOID was specially designed to register your natural motions when simulating your character.

The VOID engages ALL of your senses! Not only can you walk around, grab certain items, you can also feel changes in temperature and notice distinct scents in the air.

In the same way that standing above a lava pit during your mission will give you a surreal scene of vertigo, VR as the whole is at a precipice of becoming the newest and most immersive form of entertainment.

What to know about the VOID in NYC

  • The maximum group size is 4. Should you come with more friends, just be prepared to split up.
  • The whole experience takes about 30 minutes, but it’s best to also calculate some wait time since the experience is very popular. Be sure to show up at least 10 minutes before your appointment
  • Lockers are provided to store your belongings.

Book online before you go to avoid standing in line!

At a cost of $39 + tax per person, a ticket is a little pricey, but the novelty definitely gives you what you pay for.

The staff at the VOID is very accommodating and helpful. Our guide Chelsea was a phenomenal host.

Gear includes:

  • Vest with backpack (it weighs about 20 lbs)
  • Helmet including headphones

The 20lbs-backpack began to feel a little heavy for me toward the end of our adventure, however, the other two members of my group did not feel that it was a serious encumbrance.

Where to find the VOID in NYC

The VOID in New York
The VOID has locations in numerous cities across the U.S. including Washington D.C, and Las Vegas, but also in Canada, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. After a successful popup inside the Oculus in NYC, the VOID is now looking for a permanent location in New York for 2020.

Experiences at the VOID popup in NYC

  • Star Wars – Secrets of the Empire
  • Avengers – Damage Control


Can I wear glasses at the VOID?

Yes. Glasses can be worn under the helmet, however, it may be a little uncomfortable. If you have contact lenses, we’d recommend using them on the day of your visit.

Can I take photos at the VOID in NYC?

No. You are not allowed to take photos or videos during the experience. Remember that you’ll be fully immersed in your experience anyway. You are allowed to take photos from the outside.

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