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In our ultimate Path Train New York guide, you’ll learn all about the PATH Trains New York, PATH train tickets and all the tips and tricks for getting around with the PATH in NYC. New Jersey has become a great alternative to the overpriced New York City living costs over the years.

Cities like Jersey City or Hoboken can now be equated with hip neighborhoods like Williamsburg, so why not spend the night in the neighboring state? Here you can admire the Manhattan skyline and save some money at the same time. Ok, so now you’re in New Jersey, but how do you actually get from New Jersey to Manhattan?

Take the PATH Train From New Jersey to Manhattan

The PATH train New York is the means of transportation between New Jersey and NYC, linking the two neighboring states. It is a separate transportation system and is not part of the New York MTA. We’ll explain how PATH New York works, how to buy tickets, how much it cost, whether you can use your MetroCard and especially what the PATH train stops are in NYC and NJ.

Basically, the PATH operates very similar to the New York Subway system. The trains look a little different and are actually a bit cleaner and only have two FINAL stops in Manhattan, 33rd Street in Midtown and WTC in Lower Manhattan.

How Do I Buy Tickets for the PATH New York?

Just like the New York MTA, there are single trips for the PATH train in New York ($ 2.90), PATH Train Day + weekly tickets, and monthly passes . In addition, there are tickets for the PATH with a certain number of trips, which you can select in advance at the machine.

This requires the SmartLink Card. This card looks like a credit card, is plastic and must be purchased from a SmartLink Card vending machine. These look different than the normal MetroCard machines, they are slightly narrower, dark blue and have the label SmartLink with the light blue card as a logo.

Path Train Tickets Options + Prices

Price USD
1-Trip SmartLink / PATH Single
-Ride Ticket / Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard
$ 2.90
PATH 2-Trip MetroCard
$ 5.50
10-Trip – SmartLink
$ $25
20-Trip – SmartLink
$ $50
40-Trip – SmartLink
$ $100
Senior SmartLink Card – 65 years or older
$ 1.25
SmartLink 1-Day Pass – unlimited for 1 day
$ 10
SmartLink 7-Day Pass – unlimited for 7 days
$ 34.50
SmartLink 30-Day Pass – unlimited for 30 days
$ $106

Can You Use A MetroCard for the PATH?

You can also use the New York MetroCards for the PATH. HOWEVER, monthly tickets or weekly cards for the New York MTA subway are not valid for the PATH. This is where the SmartLink card jumps in.

A combination of PATH/MetroCard is only possible if you have credit on your MetroCard. You can also have credit for the PATH and your Unlimited Pass for the subway on the Metro Card at the same time.

If a weekly ticket makes more sense in terms of calculations, We recommend purchasing a weekly ticket for both the PATH New York and the New York MTA subway. It’s easy to find out if a PATH Train weekly ticket pays off if you ask yourself if you’re going to Manhattan and back for 7 consecutive days.

PATH Train Schedule in New York and New Jersey

We take the PATH regularly and find their schedule ideal. Just be aware during peak hours, between 7:00 am to 10:00 am and from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm, it gets really crowded. It’s rush hour during these times as people are getting to and from work. The weekend can get pretty crowded the whole day as well. On the weekdays, if you can, avoid rush hour.  You can find the PATH schedule here.

The PATH Train Stops and Stations

Here is a detailed list of stations for PATH New York. Please also note that PATH timetables differ according to whether it is a weekend or a weekday. The individual lines are marked in different colors.

PATH New York Map

The path from New York to New Jersey

PATH from New Jersey to New York

  • Hoboken to 33rd Street in Midtown (via Christopher Street, 8th Street, 14th Street, and 23rd Street)
  • Hoboken to World Trade Center
  • Journal Square to 33rd Street in Midtown (via Christopher Street, 8th Street, 14th Street, and 23rd Street)
  • Journal Square to 33rd Street (via Hoboken)
  • Newark (Airport EWR transfer possible) to World Trade Center

Attention: In 2019 there will be no PATH service during the weekend and PATH train service terminates at Exchange Place station. Due to Hurricane Sandy, repairs have to be made between Exchange Place in Jersey City and WTC in Lower Manhattan. As a result, there will be a replacement ferry for the weekend from Harbor Side in Jersey City and Brookfield Place Ferry Terminal in New York. You can go there with the PATH ticket.

As it stands, you must first exchange the PATH Ticket for a Ferry Voucher at Exchange Place or the Oculus, depending on where you are headed. Only then can you leave for the ferry. This is definitely a hassle and unfortunately, the PATH trains will not be operating from Exchange Place to WTC on the weekends until 2020. We wish there was a simpler solution, but right now this is the best way to get to Manhattan from New Jersey City. Here is more information about this topic.

PATH Train Jersey City Stops

One of the most popular destinations for locals to live on and for tourists to find a hotel is currently Jersey City. With WTC’s PATH, it takes only 5 minutes to get to Exchange Place, where many hotels are located. In Jersey City, these are the PATH Train stops:

If you want to read everything about the New York Subway, be sure to check out this article on the MTA in NYC. Also, here’s more info on how to get from Manhattan to New Jersey and vice versa if PATH is not an option.

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