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The Broadway show The Music Man is finally back in NYC. It premiered in 1957 and won a total of five Tony Awards. In the latest adaptation, Hollywood star Hugh Jackman plays the male protagonist. This makes the musical “The Music Man” one of many Broadway shows that now feature a movie star on the show’s stage. Did you know he’s a two-time Tony Award winner? Rounding out the top-notch cast is Sutton Foster, a two-time Tony Award winner herself. But that’s not all: Jerry Zaks (4 Tony Awards) directs and Warren Carlyle (1 Tony Award) is the choreographer.

What is the story of The Music Man on Broadway?

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The Music Man is a classic musical about a con man named Harold Hill who comes to Iowa with the promise of starting a boys’ marching band. His classic scam is to take payments for uniforms and instruments but not actually provide anything in return. At the same time, he meets Marian Paroo, who is the town librarian and the only musician in town. While he tries to woo her over, he also takes this opportunity to convince the town-folk that they need a band and obtains a bunch of sign-ups.

As Marian is very suspicious of Harold, she sets out to present information to the mayor that would discredit what he was working on. However, when she notices that her brother, Winthrop, forgets to be self-conscious and shy because of his new cornet, she starts to see Harold differently and tears up the evidence.

As the townsfolk eventually realize that Harold is a fraud and go to confront him, he has to decide whether or not to run away with the money he’s scammed from them. This production is set to be a fantastic show-stopping experience that you won’t want to miss. 


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The Music Man on Broadway Tickets

Like Hamilton on Broadway used to be sold out on a regularly basis and ticket prices are the highest among all Broadway shows in New York. The cheapest tickets to see The Music Man in New York start at around $69 and go all the way up to $699.


The Best Seats for The Music Man on Broadway

The best view of the stage is from the front to middle Orchestra rows. However, the front mezzanine seats also provide a good view of the show (the mezzanine tiers begin at row P).

Seating Plan Winter Garden Theatre NYC
These are the best seats in the Winter Garden Theatre NYC



Does Hugh Jackman play Harold Hill?

Where is The Music Man playing in New York?

“The Music Man” is playing at the Winter Garden Theatre, which is actually located directly on Broadway. It opened its doors as early as 1911 and can thus look back on a long and eventful history.

How to Get to the Winter Garden Theatre?
If you secured tickets for a performance, head to 1634 Broadway (btw. 50th and 51st Streets). If you’re not in walking distance, take subway lines N R W to 49 Street or E B D to 7 Avenue Station. From there it’ll only take you about 5 minutes to the theater. Make sure to be there at least 15 minutes early. As a latecomer, you will need to wait until the end of a scene until you can get to your seats.

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