The Museum of Broadway

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The Museum of Broadway in New York City will be the first and only museum that is fully dedicated to the importance and history of Broadway. Here you will learn everything about the beginnings of Broadway and the Theatre District and their development to the present day, including information about the most famous musicals.

Among those behind the creation of the Museum of Broadway are Julie Boardman (a Tony Award-winning Broadway producer), Diane Nicoletti (the mastermind behind “The Game of Thrones Fan Experience”), Ben West (a musical theater artist), and Jennifer Ashley Tepper (another Broadway producer). They have experienced all facets of Broadway and some even have decades of experience. The team in charge of the Museum of Broadway is full of experts and insiders!

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What can you expect at the Museum of Broadway?

The museum will certainly be very exciting because, in addition to conventional exhibitions, there will be interactive exhibits and elaborate video projections. In the Map Room, you’ll be able to see how Broadway theaters have changed over time and how they once existed in other parts of the city. I’m sure it will be very surprising to learn about all of the interesting details!

One part I’m particularly excited about is the Behind-The-Scenes exhibit, which will detail just how a Broadway show is created. And last but not least, there’s a tribute of sorts created by Broadway designers and contemporary artists honoring the major musicals that have been key to Broadway’s success and importance.


First impressions of the Museum of Broadway

This is what the museum will look like:

When will the Museum of Broadway in New York open?

The Museum of Broadway in New York City is open to public since November 15, 2022.

Who is the Museum of Broadway for?

The Museum is for anyone who wants to learn more about the planning and production of a Broadway musical and the history of Broadway in New York.


Are there already tickets available for the Museum of Broadway?

Yes, tickets can be purchased here.

What else can you see near the Museum of Broadway?

Quite obvious and always enjoyable are the Broadway shows in New York. Because of its location in the heart of the Theatre District, many of the city’s attractions are also in very close proximity. From Times Square to Bryant Park, the New York Public Library, 5th Avenue, and the Summit One Vanderbilt observation deck at Grand Central Station, they’re all within easy walking distance.

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If you want to learn more, be sure to check out these neighborhood guides with lots of insider tips:

Is the Museum of Broadway included in sightseeing passes?

No. As with any new attraction in New York City, it takes at least six months for them to be included in New York sightseeing passes.

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