Casually Dine In At The Grey Dog NYC

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A comfortable place to eat & drink

Nothing is better than finding a comfortable cafe to enjoy a meal in. The Grey Dog NYC, started by two brothers back in 1996 is just that. They created this restaurant with nothing but love and support from their community and the name originated from their two dogs, Moose & Goose Lane. We think that’s what gives this place such a homey feeling!

The Grey Dog in NYC is a unique place with a laid-back vibe and spacious seating. A nice feature are their map tables. Each dining table is uniquely designed to have a hand-drawn map of a city in the U.S. So take your pick and sit at the table with one of your favorite cities on it! I highly recommend checking this out while you are out and about in the city!

Here’s what we recommend at The Grey Dog NYC :

With a menu full of variety, The Grey Dog is always a nice place to stop for a quick bite or a full meal. When we say every meal here has been amazing, we truly mean it.

  • Baja Fish Tacos (with chipotle slaw, sour cream, salsa, & a cute salad $14.25)
  • Brown rice and beans (with organic brown rice, black beans, feta avocado, tomato, & fresh cilantro $13.25)
  • Linguini & Grilled Chicken (with sundried tomato cream sauce $12.95)
  • The Grilled Chicken Press (with fresh mozzarella, pesto, & sundried tomato $12.95)

Along with the food they have a great selection of coffees, teas, beers, wine, and treats. They currently have four locations in NYC and all of them exceed expectations. There is one in Chelsea, Union Square/NYU, West Village, and Nolita. All serve as a coffeehouse that serves casual American eats. Our personal favorite is the West Village location which is located on the same street as where they originally began. This is a definite must-visit when you’re in the city. Check out where to find them on the map below.

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