The Equinox Hotel Hudson Yards

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The Equinox Hotel Hudson Yards is one of the newest and trendiest hotels in New York and we were fortunate to be there for two days. In this article, we’ll explain what you should expect.

The first time we became aware of the Equinox Hotel was when we noticed a pool on top of a building from The Vessel. The 5-star hotel is of the highest standard. It has a stylish design to a great bar and an outdoor deck overlooking the Hudson River.

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Where is the Equinox Hotel located?

The location is perfect because the hotel was built right next to Hudson Yards. It is located directly next to The Vessel, The Shops at Hudson Yards and Mercado Little Spain. If you want to use public transportation, the best way to get there is to take the 7 train to 34th Street-Hudson Yards station.

The rooms of the Equinox Hotel Hudson Yards + view

It is definitely a luxury hotel as the rooms are technologically equipped. Mostly everything is controlled by an app, the minibar contains 79 items, the room comes with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and the rooms are generally very big for New York standards. The bed was super comfortable as well!

The Restaurant at Equinox Hotel

Breakfast at Equinox Hotel NYC

The hotel restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant radiates an incredibly peaceful ambiance, which we found sensational. The food itself is of the highest quality as well. For breakfast, we opted for the Equinox breakfast, which cost about $34. It’s a little on the expensive side, but again, you’re in a luxury hotel in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods. The breakfast consists of delicious avocado toast with bacon, a small bowl of fresh fruit, juice, and coffee or tea.

Luxury Hotel with a Pool

Equinox is actually a high-end fitness chain, and the hotel on the Hudson Yards is their hotel project. The pool at the hotel has views of the Vessel and is a great place to relax during the warmer months.

The rooftop terrace with a bar & lounge

This was absolute madness (in a good way, of course). The terrace bar was really good and we ended our day in New York here. As you can see from the pictures, it’s pretty popular and the lounge furniture is super-comfortable. You’re greeted by views of the Hudson River and during sunset, it makes it that much better.

So what’s the catch? The price. Cocktails cost about $19 including the tip and the glass of wine costs about $16.

Our final thoughts on Equinox Hotel

The Equinox Hotel on Hudson Yards is a fabulous hotel. The hotel’s target group is clearly those planning a luxury New York vacation. If you do have the budget, we definitely recommend that you stay in this wonderful area.

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You can also check out the Equinox Hotel here – prices can start at $500 a night depending on the season!

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