The Egg Shop in NoLita

Breakfast. Usually there’s eggs involved and if you’re an egg lover then there’s a very special breakfast spot for you called The Egg Shop in NoLita. It’s called The Egg Shop and their menu offers eggs in every variation. The typical egg sandwich here in New York is the absolute classic and this creation is especially important to the owners, Sarah Schneider and Demetri Makoulis.

The New York couple loves egg sandwiches in all variations and realized in 2013 that there isn’t a restaurant of this kind in New York. Thus, they opened the Egg Shop in NoLita.

Clean Eats at the Egg Shop in NoLita

The Egg Shop offers much more than the classic egg sandwiches. For those who like to have a healthy and well-balanced meal, will appreciate the menu here. Because they specialize in eggs, you are able to have them served in any style. The Egg Shop opens daily at 8AM making it perfect for breakfast. The restaurant is very casual and relaxed, which matches the atmosphere in NoLita.

Dinner service is also offered here. Delicious salads, burgers, fries and pancakes are  available in the evening. The place is very popular among the locals. For our tip, we recommend checking the restaurant out between 4PM and 6PM for happy hour which means most popular dishes have a special happy hour price. Because this pace is pretty popular, definitely expect to wait for a table. Check out their website for more information.

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