The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog

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Have you ever thought about how to take the Irish Pub into the 21st century? Go check out the Dead Rabbit bar and find out. This modern Irish pub and restaurant, which opened in 2013, is one of our favorite bars of all times. As soon as you enter the bar, you are transported into another world. There is nothing ultra-modern here, but everything is stylishly trimmed to old. From the original cash register, old punch glasses for the drinks to the wooden floors covered with sawdust.

New York offers a huge range of bars, from small spots where New Yorkers drink their after-work beer, to stylish cocktail bars where the fancy drinks are paired with matching fancy bar food.

One bar that manages to cover both of these niches at the same time is The Dead Rabbit. The unusual name of this multi-award-winning bar (among others, it was named the best newcomer bar in the world as well as winning best bartender) comes from the 1850s New York gang “The Dead Rabbits.” It’s exactly this era that you’ll find reflected in a rather unique way throughout the bar’s design. Even the building in the Financial District fits in: it was built in 1828 and now houses this unique destination.

The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog is run by Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry. Both are well known in the bar scene and have previously worked in famous houses. The bar has two floors: downstairs you’ll find the Tap Room, where you can drink freshly tapped beers and choose from a huge selection of good Irish whiskeys. One floor up is the Parlour, where you can enjoy beautiful cocktails.


To get in, you have to register and then wait for admission. The focus of the second part of the bar is also reflected in the name: Grog! The focus is on hot and cold punch drinks and historical-inspired drinks. But beware: the drinks are strong!!!

Pictures of the bar The Dead Rabbit

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