The Dawson in Midtown Manhattan

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The Dawson is a bar in Midtown Manhattan, which is very stylishly decorated and serves first-class cocktails. It is located not far from 5th Avenue, Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center, so it is very easy to get there.

The Food

I had (as I always do when trying a new bar) The Dawson Burger and was blown away. It was cooked to perfection and is served with delicious Blue Cheese, Garlic Aioli and caramelized onions. Other highlights on the menu are the many different types of fries you can choose from. There are as many as 8 different versions!

The Dawson Burger
The Dawson Burger

What else is on the menu? Various appetizers, salads, brick chicken, salmon or pasta with shrimp. So there should be something for every taste.

The Drinks

All the classic cocktails are offered at The Dawson, from the Negroni to the Manhattan, Old Fashioned to the Margarita and Gin Tonics. In addition to that, there are various creative drinks, my cocktail of choice was a Whiskey Sour (“Dawson Sour”) – not only was it beautifully presented (as you can see from the photos), it was delicious!

Or you could try their signature drinks – the Dawson Mules. When I was there, many of the guests had ordered these.

Interior & Style

The Dawson has two levels: downstairs is the bar and there are a few tables at the end of the room, and one floor above is the restaurant area. What I really liked was the large bar with the lighted shelves and a decor that would be super fitting for a boutique hotel (by the way, you can find the best boutique hotels in NYC here). The atmosphere is at the same time relaxed and yet somehow classy.

Steffen Kneist Loving New York

My conclusion

The Dawson is definitely worth a visit and a stylish bar with a little something extra. Therefore: definitely go there and try it out!

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